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Summer’s Bounty: Ten of My Favorite Foods This Season

One of Tuesday’s prompts, for this month’s Currently post, was “eating” and reading everyone’s thoughts on what tasty summer food they have been recently enjoying was, well, mouthwatering!  So many yummy things to enjoy during the summer.  Yes, I do enjoy autumn’s rich, warm, often heavy – and always cheese-laden – comfort foods.  Of course,… Read More Summer’s Bounty: Ten of My Favorite Foods This Season


Currently: July 2021

Hello to July!  The month has just begun, but we have already celebrated a holiday, remembered a birthday, started VBS, and we are down to just days until Jordan returns!  I think it is going to be a great month!  But, it is summer so I would not expect anything less than glorious!!  The AC… Read More Currently: July 2021


Thoughts for Our Country

This weekend, here in the USA, will celebrate our country’s birthday.  Independence Day.  The Fourth of July.  Largely a day for fun…and food.  (ALways the food!)  But it really is a significant day as well.  When I pause and consider our country (and really consider things), there is definitely cause for concern.  As they say,… Read More Thoughts for Our Country