Summer Thoughts – A Link-up

How about some questions about summer?!:)  The weather here has been all about summer lately!  Hot.  Random thunderstorms.  Muggy.  Oh, and mosquitoes.  Ugh.  But, you will never (well, rarely) hear me complain about summer.  Although mosquitoes are beyond annoying (and the entire species seems to survive off of me), Leslie’s ten questions for the month –… Read More Summer Thoughts – A Link-up


Currently: June 2021

Another new month.  May seemed to go faster than some of the months before it…which I know means it is summer.  Or, at the very least, warmer weather.  Sunny skies and longer days.  The weeks and months filled with sunshine just “go by” so much nicer for me than the darker, hunkered-down ones!  Life is… Read More Currently: June 2021


Hello, June. Come On In –

Happy Tuesday and welcome June!!  What a wonderful month May was…and I’m looking forward to more grace-filled days in June!  Yesterday, here in the States, was also Memorial Day.  A day of remembrance but also one for being outside, enjoying a good burger, and time with family and friends!!  I did all three:)  We spent… Read More Hello, June. Come On In –


A Verse for the Weekend

Just a quick Friday hello and looking towards the weekend!  I hope your week has been full of God’s goodness.  My “normal” Friday post will actually be posted tomorrow (which I suppose makes it a Saturday post) but will be my monthly Share Four Somethings.  There have been several new readers here which is a… Read More A Verse for the Weekend