Currently: May 2021

I began last month’s “Currently” edition with a big “Hooray!”….and a hooray kind of month it was!  Lots of celebrations, time with friends and time with family, plenty of food, and even an overnight getaway (and more food!)  I also do not want to forget it was the month of huge answered prayer (something treasured)! … Read More Currently: May 2021


Good Monday Morning: 4.26.21

Today is the day!  Yes, my birthday:)  (and on a Monday….woohoo!!)  I think I have referred to this year’s birthday more in my last few posts than I ever have on this blog.  Not sure why that might be…nevertheless, I’m feeling excited, hope-filled, and blessed. Abundantly blessed!  Come back for tomorrow’s Tuesday post for a… Read More Good Monday Morning: 4.26.21