All That God Could Do

Last night we had a near disaster.  It involved too many leashes and, dare I say, too many dogs.  Well, two dogs.  One totally amped for a walk and the other totally uncooperative.  While trying to get the stubborn one inside and switching leashes, etc., the super excited one ended up completely unleased and made a mad dash into the street toward a neighbor’s dog.  All ended fine and without incident – minus my near heart attack.  But the thought (and words) were repeated several times, “That could have ended so much worse!”  We were grateful.  But, yes, it could have been quite different.

I find myself, often, considering the idea of “what could have been” or “what could have happened.”  In our crazy traffic (especially in our traffic) but, honestly, with so many things.  We really have no idea just how often God intervenes – shields us, protects us or has put a literal hedge about us.  It is humbling to consider.  And, even though I might not understand or appreciate all the specifics – or even every time He has intervened – it is something for which I am grateful every day.  However, when I was considering today’s FMF prompt, COULD, my thoughts went in a similar, but slightly, different direction.

GO – Perhaps one day in eternity, God will reveal to me all the “what could have been” scenarios of my life.  As in, what He could have done for me….or especially through me….if I had just allowed Him.  If I had been willing to trust Him more.  If my faith had only been stronger.  If I had simply been more obedient.  Imagine all God could have done!  I’m sure there is much I have missed out on and so much of the abundant life He offers that I have missed.  However, I still have time.  Well, at least, I have today.  I can purpose to live large – to be bold and courageous.  To walk by faith.  To step out of the boat and to trust Him!  Today can be one less “what could have been” kind of day!!

STOP – And that is perhaps the shortest five-minute post I’ve written…but I hope it encourages you.  It encourages me.  I’m not dwelling on what the past could have been but all that this day can be – if I will trust, obey and walk by faith.

8 thoughts on “All That God Could Do

  1. This is a great take on the “what if’s.” Imagine all that God could do if I didn’t grumble against him and doubt him so often!! If I didn’t think my way was so all-fire important. If I had prayed instead of worried….and on and on. By the way, I’m so glad my “You Take Yourself With You” article really spoke to you. Every time I write a post, I am hopeful that my words will be an encouragement to others. Thank you for letting me know I encouraged you.

    Patti @ Clothed with Joy

  2. Powerful thought and all too true. We often overlook every way that God is in our lives by focusing on worldy moments or by focusing on what we feel God didn’t do for us. All the while, He is orchestrating every single moment ~ the good, the hurtful, the dangerous, the celebrations… to allow us to become reliant on Him and to become better versions of ourselves. This is a great reminder! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rebecca – isn’t it wonderful to know He is in control and orchestrating every moment and situation!?! So glad you stopped by and thanks for leaving a comment!

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