Good Monday Morning 5.16.22

Good Monday morning.  This post is definitely late getting up but the time I usually prepare this (on Sunday evening), I spent last night watching the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!  So worth it.  Finally, something we actually enjoyed on television!  What a great presentation.  It has actually had me thinking (extra) this morning – but I think I will share those thoughts later this week.  For now, I hope you had a good weekend.  Ours included a trip to one of our favorite markets, a little antique browsing, a monthly fellowship with our church family, practicing with the children for singing during next week’s missions conference….as well as quite a bit of rain.  Strong storms are expected today.  Oh my.

We were not able to attend the azalea festival downtown this year.  Foiled by the weather.  However, the azaleas right outside our own front door were dazzling enough!  My dad – just like his dad – was a huge fan of azaleas.  My granddad had some of the most beautiful flower beds…which included all kinds of gorgeous azaleas.  These beauties (that were already planted when we purchased our house) never fail to remind me of both Dad and Granddad!!

Hope your week ahead includes some extra beauty – maybe in our own front yard!!  Come back on Wednesday:)


8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 5.16.22

  1. Those azaleas are absolutely beautiful – they must bring a smile to your face every time you see them.
    It is interesting to see how other countries are viewing our Jubilee celebrations. Isn’t it a remarkable achievement to have spent so many years as Queen? I don’t think that future years of our monarchy will ever have quite the respect that Elizabeth has, it’s a fine line between retaining that air of regality and keeping in touch with the rest of the country. There are certain members of the family that make me despair!

    1. They very much bring smiles to our face!!:) And, I can only imagine the despair….I’m sure you are not alone!

  2. Those azaleas are STUNNING! Wow. There’s a yard near me that isn’t actually a yard, it’s full of azaleas and other bushes in her flower bed. It’s quite something, but especially when all the azaleas are in full bloom. I love our flower beds right now- they’re getting more and more lush as the days get warmer and I love seeing them so vibrant with color! I need to watch some of that jubilee, I would love it because it’s about the Royal family. I am so fascinated by them. I hope you had a happy Monday, my friend. See you back here soon! ❤

  3. My glory what a gorgeous bush. My parents struggled to grow azaleas and crepe myrtles. Our azaleas never looked this full of blossom and color.

    I missed the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Just looked it up. How fun that she missed state opening of Parliament but attended this event. Good for her!! My mom would have enjoyed watching that. Wish I had known. Sometimes I think I am living under a rock.

    Have you traveled yet to Texas? I am just easing back in to some blog reading and maybe a little blog writing but don’t want to get all caught up in it to the point that it stresses me out. Hope if you have visited, you had a wonderful adventure.

    1. Leslie, I am SOOO glad you stopped by – even if just a quick visit! I sure have been missing you! I look forward to visiting more – and catching up. Yes, I went to Texas – will have to tell you about it soon!:)

  4. Those flowers sure are pretty! How cool that you bought a house with azaleas when they were favorites of your dad and granddad. This time of year is so pretty where I am though most perennials have not bloomed. But the leaves of all the plants are green as is the grass.

    1. Still waiting for perennials to bloom? Wow. So interesting how the seasons play out throughout the country! And, yes, my dad would have loved our yard here at this house. Sure wish he could have seen it!!

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