Good Monday Morning 5.30.22

Happy Monday friends!  Thanks to those who “chimed in” regarding the new blog layout.  I’m still not completely on board with it yet but I am planning to continue with it for a bit longer – just to give it a fair try.  I did notice that it seems to look/work/be better on my phone…or as a mobile version.  Perhaps that is by design:)  I do most (well, almost all….99 percent) of my blogging (whether writing or reading) on my computer.  And, now am I curious – do most of you prefer to use your computer or do you use a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc) more often??  I really would like to know.  If I were at all techy, I would put up some type of “polling thingy.”  Clearly, I am not…so please would you let me know in the comments.  Even if you typically are not a commenter, just leave “mobile” or “computer” in the comment section.
And, I do hope you will come back on Wednesday.  It is already time for my monthly Currently post….which means, on Wednesday, a new month will be upon us!  I hate bemoaning how quickly time goes by, etc etc (doesn’t that make you just sound old!!)  but, I will admit, I was a bit surprised to realize May is over.  Wow.
If you are here in the States, enjoy your Memorial Day.  Yes, I know we remember and acknowledge those who have sacrificed for us…..but it is also the beginning of summer!  And I do love me some summer!!  Have a sunny, blessed week!!:)

8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning 5.30.22

  1. Happy Memorial Day to you! I hope your Monday is a good one. I do almost all of my blogging- reading and writing on a Chromebook which would fall under the computer category. Good luck on your decision. I like the new format of your blog. Each post comes up more quickly (maybe less buttons to push?).

  2. I tend to do most of my blog reading on the computer or iPad but always comment from my computer. I like your new layout!

    1. Thanks, Deb. I can only comment from my computer. Who can do all that typing on a phone screen!!?:)

  3. Good morning, friend! I do still like the new look here, but I know it’s hard to have it be different. I’m still not used to mine either, and it seems I have to search a bit more now to find out how to do something. I do 100% of my blog writing and reading on my laptop. I did try the blogging from my phone for a while when that first became available, but I was not a fan. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday!

    1. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one still needing/using/enjoying a laptop! Seems to be the popular answer. Thanks for your feedback – and your encouragement!!

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