A Daybook Entry: April 2024

Happy Monday friends!  I had a few thoughts for this morning’s post but most of it was a blur of many thoughts and, seeing I have not yet done a daybook entry for the month, I thought it best to fine tune those ideas and, instead, press forward with a monthly daybook entry today.  I’m not sure these are the most interesting of posts; however, I like having one a month as my (quick, simple, if not a bit lazy) way of journaling.  I’m not a journal girl so this is one of my best attempts at a regular rehearsing of life lately.  That said, let’s press on.

The Weather – is (in the words of one of my dearest friends) just dandy!!  I’m so excited that the weather is the first mention here…because, lately, I could talk about the weather all day.  Does that make me an old person – lol!?  But, as I mentioned last month, these are the days I live for:)  The flowers are potted.  The front of the house actually looks welcoming again.  The yard is the loveliest shade of green…and is just now being carpeted in pink petals from our large cherry tree.  We have had wind, brilliant sunshine, rain, sun, quite a bit more rain, one more thunderstorm and plenty more sunshine.  Yep, that about sums up spring perfectly!!

As I look outside my window  – I am perplexed about the neighbor’s tree.  None of the yards in my neighborhood have a lot of trees.  We have two in the front and two in the back.  Some have a few more, and several have less.  It is Northern Virginia, for you.  Trees are not a priority.  Sigh.  My neighbor has one tree in his front yard.  And that one tree is dead.  Completely gone with not a sign of hope that it could recover.  It sat like that all last year and I had hoped he would take it down this spring.  Plant something new (and pretty) this year.  But, no.  Instead, he has covered it completely in white twinkle lights.  Like it was Christmas.  Except it is not Christmas…and the tree is dead.  Is it pretty?  Yes – at night.  Maybe. But, just now, as I look out the window, it looks like a very dead tree and an eyesore.

This morning, I am – remembering Samoa.  As I was walking the dog this morning, just after the sun began peeking through the clouds, it felt so much like an early morning in Samoa.  The air smelled so fresh.  The temperature was not chilly but was not in any way too warm.  I love the way scents and feels can make memories just come to life and, this morning, I literally felt as if I was sitting on the wall behind my motel/lodging in Samoa!  I would soon be finishing my devotions and looking forward to a hearty Samoan breakfast enjoyed outside on a large covered porch.  A memory from several years ago but, my goodnes, how real it felt this morning!!

Lately, I have been thinking about – how I spend my time.  Do I feel my days and my weeks with things that really matter.  Was really does matter?  More importantly, what counts for eternity?  These thoughts and this theme seems to be reoccuring the last few weeks.  That cannot be a coincidence and I have been “forced” to really consider it.  There is a lot of my mind with those thoughts and there has been quite a bit of soul-searching, if you will.  Soul-searching can be hard.  Some of the things that have become evident to me have been challenging…if not hard.  I may share more in the future but, for now, it is what has been on my heart lately.

On the menu this weekthere will be no sourdough.  Only for the sake of “journaling,” let me just say, sourdough is dead at our house.  Enough about that but one day I will want to remember that I gave it the good college try.  There has, already, been several extra treats – inspired by birthday celebrations – around the house.  And we are not done with birthdays which means we are not done with sweet treats.  Oh boy.  I have to admit, it is not cake, brownies or pie that would say “happy birthday treat” for me.  No – what I am crossing my fingers for later this month is……banana pudding!!!  We will see.

What I’m wearing – short-sleeve t-shirt type tops with a light-weight cardigan/sweater/top layer.  Said cardigan goes on, then comes off.  Then goes back on.  And comes off.  This happens about three hundred and seventy-five times every day.  I don’t like things blowing on my bare arms.  But I can get too warm quickly.  But I don’t like to be chilly either.  This time of year, the struggle is real trying to find just the perfect temperature:)

I’m looking around the house – and I’m still enjoying the bunnies.  I did try to weed out the specifically Easter-looking ones but I think the bunnies can stay out all through the spring.  I’m also seeing some floors that need mopping/deep cleaning.  I can honestly say cleaning the hardwood floors – well, any of my bare floors – is my least favorite household chore.  Hands down.

My To-Do List – includes lunch with friends tomorrow, writing letters to a few missionary friends, ordering some new glasses (picking out new frames should be fun and not this stressful), returning something to Walmart (lesson learned – I will not order online from them again.  Give me the ease of Amazon any day!), a run to the library and doing a little research on Panama.  There is the potential for a trip there later this year.  I suppose I should add clean the floors.  But that remains to be seen.

A thought to share – This is from a poem shared by one of the sweet senior ladies at my church.  She turned 95 last week and has such a beautiful testimony.  This world has so many heros and icons.  I suppose some are worth admiring or, at least, trying to learn from, but this dear saint in the Lord is sincerely worth emulating.   This is from a poem, entitled One Day at a Time, that she shared.  “God, long ago, has counted out, the years each of us lives.  And yet, just one day at a time, Is all He ever gives.  So may you be contented, with the one day that is here.  Enjoying good, accepting bad, with fortitude and cheer.”

And, from my camera.  With this beautiful  morning on my mind, here is a recent morning photo from my brother.  (My brother who has is headed back today from his long weekend in Costa Rica.  I’m thrilled from him.  He deserved a great time away.  I’m also just a tad jealous.)  This is morning in the city.  He doesn’t have a birdfeeder, per se, but he is definitely a feeder of the birds.  They are waiting for their breakfast.  Gotta love it!!  I hope your morning is off to a great start and is the beginning of a beautiful week.  Thanks for stopping by –


11 thoughts on “A Daybook Entry: April 2024

  1. It sounds like you have some good things going on! I am with you on the weather and being hot/ cold. My husband turned the AC on in the house yesterday. I was completely comfortable without it but he was super hot (and moving more than I so there was that!). Our weather is supposed to be nice this week though I will be inside :(. I have also been thinking about time and how/ if I use it wisely. Please don´t hesitate to share more in depth about your thoughts on this if you feel so inclined. Have a great Monday!

    1. Hard to believe it is AC season…but ours has been running rather consistently lately!! It is still rather nice outside so I am actually enjoying my walks. I know you are so missing your runs, Maria. Hope you are healing and feeling better every day!

  2. I love this post. It’s so cheerful. I always forget about the Daybook thing for blog journaling. I”m a journaler but I tend to journal just my thoughts regarding my morning devotions, hoping that someday my daughters will read them and be encouraged in their own faith walk.

    It’s so funny you mention cleaning floors. my least fave is cleaning the cheap vinyl flooring in our half bath off the kitchen. We had this house built in 1994. it’s still the original flooring. I can’t stand it but hubby doesn’t want me spending the money on tile. (the master bathroom is fully tiled from top to bottom and is SO MUCH EASIER TO KEEP CLEAN). So there i was today, after a 2 mile power walk and grocery shopping, plus a load of laundry, down on my hands and knees and SCRUBBING that floor with bleach and a scrub brush, then mopping it. It’s finally clean and nice looking again. But boy am I getting too old for this. I told my husband (who’s working from home in the upstairs office all month) that next year for spring cleaning, I am hiring a maid unless we get that room tiled. HAHAHAH.

    It’s a gorgeous day here in eastern NY after FIVE days of constant rain. We are loving it. My tulips are just about to open and the cherry trees have some buds on them.

    That’s too bad about your neighbor and the dead tree.

    I hope you have a fantastic week.

    ps your comments on my blog lately have been going to spam. Not sure why. But I clicked on “not spam” and hit publish.

    1. Faith, I am so glad that you found and retreived those “lost” comments!! Who knows how much I miss in the spam folder. I rarely check it!! Glad I am not the only one wanting a maid – if just for the floors!! Ugh. Hope your week has continued to be lovely. Enjoy those tulips. They were my mom’s favorite and always reminde me of her. Curious – when are you supposed to plant the bulbs…for next year??

  3. I love this post and hearing what you are up to! It’s a cloudy day here in NC and I’m missing the sunshine. Is it your birthday later this month? Mine is coming up in early May. I’m trying to decide what I want to do for my birthday/where I want to have dinner etc. It’s hard to believe I’m coming up on my last year in my forties, but also very exciting! I’m a big fan of cardigans and wear one almost every day. Curious… where do you like to shop? I’m not a big fan of shopping and really only do it out of necessity. I prefer to order mostly online. I do however love shopping for home decor items /kitchen stuff and Williams Sonoma is one of my favorite shops! I recently came across a new-to-me store called Nic & Zoe. I found a few cute tops and they were on sale which makes it even better. I like Boden and J Crew Factory Outlet, too. I’m still searching for a new spring/summer cardigan and I need a new pair of jeans. Honestly, jeans and pants in general are so hard for me to find for whatever reason. Hope you are having a great day!

    1. Julia, I definitely do more and more shopping online. It is just so easy – especially when you want to browse and look at lots of options. So much better than going from store to store. I mostly enjoy shopping when I am out with a friend…and the friend part makes the shopping enjoyable! I think I would say I enjoy TJMaxx or Marshalls. Williams Sonoma is a beautiful store and fun to walk through. I have not heard of Nic & Zoe. Hmmm. So glad you stopped by, Julia. I really look forward to visiting more through our blogs!! Hope your week is going really well!

  4. I always enjoy reading daybook entries. I learn so much about people that way…their likes, their dislikes, the way they do life. I always enjoy coming here…even though I am late this week.

  5. Thank you for sharing your everyday moments and thoughts. They bless more than you may think! I too, have been contemplating how i spend my time and what I might change… perhaps as we see the seasons change and evolve, our souls are called to the same. And I laughed when you described what you are wearing–sweater on, sweater off! Oh, I can relate! Thank you!

  6. Yes, I saw someone recently post that she averages 3+ hours on Instagram a day, sometimes more, and she was going to be deleting her social media accounts because that is not where she wants to spend her time. It prompted me to go figure out how much time I spend there. I don’t want to get rid of my socials and need them for my business, but it did make me more mindful of my time.

    1. I think if we did some honest assesments, many of us would be very surprised how much we truthfully spend online and/or engaged with social media. It is a contact challenge.

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