A Few Favorites From Yesterday

Welcome to Friday….and thanks for stopping by.  I’m a bit late getting today’s post up and running.  Yesterday’s anniversary was a lovely day but did not include much (well, any) time at the computer – but I am fine with that:)  What a beautiful morning!  The windows are open for the first time this fall and the breeze is actually a bit nippy for me.  I’m not complaining though…just noticing the huge change a week, or even a few days, can make!  Yesterday was a beauty of a day as well.  Here’s just a few favorites from our day.  Or the last couple of days:)

1 – All the Fall Things



I managed to get the fall things put out around the house.  Each season, I find myself considering the idea of skipping this task but I never do (or have not yet, at least) and am always glad once I get it done and everything is in its place and the house is reflecting the season.  Things look fresh (and well dusted) and the house feels cozy.  I snapped this photo this morning and was loving the sun pouring in the back door!

2 – Small Town Love

Yesterday, we drove down to one of our favorite nearby towns.  We so enjoy its historic Main Street.  The local, small shops and all the variety of non-chain restaurants.  We wandered through an antique mall – which was mildly underwhelming.  But then browsed through the shops here on Main Street.  My husband, especially, enjoys chatting with the shop owners.  He is the small talker in the family:)  I’m taking in all the cute displays and unique finds!  It is a good match and a great shopping strategy:)

3 – Great Music

Obviously, this photo has nothing to do with music:)  But, after dinner at our favorite restaurant (next door to this shop), we saw Greater Vision in concert.  We knew the concert was at a local church but had no idea it was part of their fall revival, so we always heard some great preaching after the singing.  It was a fun surprise and a really nice way to end our day.  I did not take photos at the concert but what I like about this particular picture – besides the sweet yellow bicycle:  the super heavy but pretty door, the mailbox for postmen who still walk the streets, and the dog bowl for all the furry friends joining their owners for a stroll.  Obviously very ordinary and every day things for many, but we have to get “out of Dodge” to enjoy these simple pleasures.  And to be reminded that way of life exists and, actually, is not that far from home!

I’m going to stop with just a few photos. I want to get this posted.  And I need to go get a sweater – oh my!  I hope the signs of fall are showing up for you.  Have a wonderful weekend….and thanks again for stopping by the blog!

5 thoughts on “A Few Favorites From Yesterday

  1. In a sweatshirt right now, with the windows open so I am feeling fall (though it is still summer!) with you. That small town looks lovely and I´m glad you had such a nice outing with your husband yesterday. The pictures remind me of nearby Lebanon, OH. If you are ever in southwest Ohio, you must stop by this charming town (and visit me of course, as well!). Have a great weekend!

  2. What a fun day! I’m pretty sure we’ve seen Greater Vision! We love Southern Gospel! We are huge Gaither fans. And my husband is the small talker too. In fact, way too much for my comfort 🙂

  3. 4 favorites that i could have chosen as well. our home is beginning to look a little bit like fall as well, with the addition of some hand knitted pumpkins i have been working on!! the only way to get me shopping is to put me in a small town. i LOVE those leaves!!

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