A Few Reflections of Praise

Typically this would be my monthly “Doing, Cooking and Giving Thanks” post.  However, as I sit down to write my thoughts, my heart is rather overwhelmed.  Extra burdens.  Those I know who are facing huge burdens.  Others with health issues that seem insurmountable.  Sharing a delicious brownie recipe, just now, seemed frivolous.  I do not mean to be discouraging – or even to sound discouraged myself.  Actually, I would rather turn my eyes, my heart, and my thoughts heavenward.  God is so good.  Always good.  And, today I would simply like to praise Him.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for:

  • a wonderful missions conference that has helped not only to refocus me but to give me a vision again for a world that so needs to know about Christ
  • gospel hymns that so beautifully express my thoughts and my heart.  I wish I had that ability but am so grateful for those who do
  • the children’s singing last night…and for the memorization they worked so hard on.  They quoted their verses so well and sang with such sweet enthusiasm
  • the progress my uncle has made.  Today marks four weeks in the ICU and, no doubt, there is a long road still ahead for him but each day there is a little forward progress.  I know Christ spared his life for a reason and I look forward to seeing all that He can accomplish through this very difficult time
  • the testimony of those who are facing tremendous (unbelievable) surgery and the recovery that will follow.  The surgery is today.  Again, we can only imagine what God is going to do through this seeming tragedy
  • the good health that both my husband and I enjoy.  We never want to take it for granted.  Yes, I am still so sore from falling a few days ago but I know it will heal.  I also know those who live with chronic, daily pain.  My heart feels for them
  • the recovery of a best friend from her recent double surgery.  Every day she is feeling stronger and on her way to a full recovery
  • my church family….for friendships and sweet fellowship
  •  the power of prayer – and the comfort of prayer
  • my salvation

Thank you, Heavenly Father.  I would love to know something, specific, that you are thankful for this week.  I hope you will share in the comments.  Have a blessed day, sweet readers and friends.

7 thoughts on “A Few Reflections of Praise

  1. I love this, friend. Especially in light of yesterday’s horrific news of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. My heart is so heavy for that community and those families who lost loved ones yesterday. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    1. Oh Jennifer – you are so correct. Today’s news (personal and otherwise) just keeps getting heavier and heavier.

  2. I really needed to read this and remind myself to focus on all the blessings I do have instead of harping on the shortfalls. I’ve been doing more harping than cherishing lately. Mostly harping to Bailey and Julep but still! You gave me the perspective I needed without even being here 🙂

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