A Good Day

Apparently, it is National Coffee Day.  Who knew and where does the committee meet that comes up with these things?  Or, perhaps, you simply have a passion for something and declare a national day for it?  Hmmm.  I thought I would put a picture of my morning cup of coffee – filled literally to the brim with yummy foam! – on Instagram this morning.  Because – well, because Instagram.  The picture was only okay.  I am definitely not a food photographer.  I tried some filters and editing this way and that….and, before you know it, I have spent fifteen minutes just trying to get the picture right.  (Much like the one above…ha!)  Nothing was ever posted.  I was frustrated.  I had wasted time and all just to say something akin to “Have a good day.”  Sigh.

I put the phone down and there is no coffee mug photo today.  But I began thinking about the sentiment “Have a good day.”  I say it to my husband just about every morning.  I say it casually to friends, the grocery clerk, or the neighbor I pass in the morning while bringing in the recycler.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with the well-wish but it did give me pause for thought this morning.  When my husband returns home this evening, will his day have been a good one?  How will I know – or what determines a good day?  I’m sure the answers to that are not only many but varied and as unique as each of us.  But here are some quick suggestions this morning as to what does NOT determine a good day.

A “good day” is not a good hair day.  (Oh, thank goodness…otherwise, I am doomed to a life of less than good days!)  Actually, a good day is not dependent on our physical appearance, well-being or even our good health.  Those with chronic illness.  Women in the middle of hard treatment.  Mothers who are tired…always tired.  And all kinds of other physical challenges – all of these women can still have a good day.

A “good day” is not a day free from problems.  You might be facing real financial struggles.  You might be completely broke.  You might be dealing with difficult relationships and your heart might even be breaking because of a hard relationship.  But an unexpected bonus at work or finding a way for everyone to get along is not what is needed for your day to be a good one.  As well, a “good day” is not a day free from sin or struggles that result from sin.  A day when I don’t have to battle my sinful nature is just not going to happen.

The reality is all that is needed in order to have a good day is to have met with God!  Beginning each day with time alone with God – in prayer and Bible reading – makes the difference.  It shapes our attitude and our perspective.  It gives wisdom, courage, and strength for whatever the day ahead might hold.  It prepares our thoughts and guards our tongue.  It gives us direction and simply prepares us for the day.  And regardless of what the day might include, what situations we might face, or decisions we have to make…it can be a good day.  A day without regrets.  I encourage you to meet with God early – before the day takes off.  Don’t wait until the end of the day.

9 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. I love this, Jennifer, “a good day is to have met with God!” I wrote on a similar kind of topic this week, in fact I used those same words, “Have a good day!” I am so grateful for the sweet confirmations that the Lord sends to us on these journeys. We are not alone–HE has set us exactly where He wants us to be. Love and blessings to you dear sister.

    1. I am always encouraged by those sweet confirmations, as well, as I read through blogs!! Looking forward to reading you post…and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jennifer, this is beautiful, and I totally agree with you. A good day doesn’t mean an easy day or even a happy day. I had never really thought about it before, but your words have given me pause. When I wish someone a good day, what am I really wanting for them—the awareness of the presence of God and the peace and joy that come from that.

    1. Exactly. I love that thought….when I wish some a good day, my prayer is that they would know the blessings of His presence! Wow – thanks, Patti!!

  3. Amen. For years and years I have been starting my days with, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” It feels like my day is set up for whatever it may bring and that I am in the right frame of mind to let God in.

  4. Beautifully written piece. “The reality is all that is needed in order to have a good day is to have met with God!” So true. I relate with your Instagram struggles also, it’s so easy to get sucked into the black hole of taking the “perfect picture” to post.

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