A Good Day

Every day – at least once a day and, depending on who I talk to in the evening, sometimes multiple times each day – I am asked, “How was your day?”  Typically, I reply, “Good.  Thanks!”  And while I am not trying to overthink what is, for the most, a simple courtesy – I was considering what makes a good day?  Especially an otherwise routine day…a good day?  Maybe when I answer “good” I am implying there were no emergencies or major interruptions to the day.  Maybe, instead, the day included a fun, pleasant or exciting surprise.  Or maybe….there was ice cream.  It could be that simple!

But, if I am honest, for me, a good day is one where I checked all – or just about all – of the items on my to-do list.  A literal list or even my mental one because, yes, I do keep a to-do list running mentally just about all the time.  Nothing wrong with to-do lists and certainly nothing wrong with wanting to use my time wisely; however, I can quickly let my to-do list – and my performance – be a gauge of my value.  Lots of checks on my list means more than a good day. I allow it to mean I am a good person.

The truth is – the person who hits the ground running and is making it happen all day, every day is, by definition, busy.  You might even say productive.  But they are no more a better person than the one who has much less of a schedule and/or moves through their day at a much slower pace.  I know this but I don’t always apply it to my own life.  Too often, I equate busy with good.  So what exactly is a good day?  What is necessary for me to answer truthfully, I have had a good day?

Honestly, I have one essential thing that needs doing every day.  Just one.  Then everything else can be prioritized and taken care of as necessary.  That one concern is fellowship with the Lord.  Spending personal time with the Lord – in Bible reading, prayer and in worship – not only matures me, equips me, and strengthens me so that I am prepared to accomplish anything else effectively but it also helps me to do “all the things” with such a heart that I experience joy.  And a good day.  The busiest day, completed in my own strength, is never a good day.  However, each day – any day – done in His strength is a good day!!

4 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. Jennifer, you nailed it. The main thing that should be done in a day is to spend time with Jesus. And, when I have that time with Him, like you, that makes for a good day . . . even when things don’t go as planned. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to keep the Main Thing the main thing. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your encouraging words! I really appreciate your stopping by – and your comments!!

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