A Little Christmas Q&A

Hello friends – I thought it might be fun to answer a few Christmas questions…and I would love for you to join along in the comments.  These are just some random questions found online (on YouTube!) and require little to no thinking.  Well, certainly no overthinking….which is great because there really is no room for overthinking 10 days before Christmas!  But first I wanted to share a simple act of kindness…

I had to run to Walmart yesterday.  I am not a fan of Walmart.  The one in our area especially makes me want to speed shop.  I try to get in and out as fast as I can and one strategy that I always think will help me is to skip the buggy.  Just get what I can carry in my arms and be done.  However.  I always end up with my arms overflowing and often have to resort to using my chin just to keep things balanced and corralled in my arms.  Honestly, it happens every time but I never fail to do it again.  Yesterday was no exception.  I was awkwardly juggling my items when an older gentleman came around the corner, smiled and said, “You should have got the cart!”  We laughed and bantered back and forth….and I told him how I am going to one day successfully came into a store and only get three items.  As we briefly chatting, I didn’t really notice the 20-something guy in the aisle but, he obviously heard our conversation and then he said, “If you will wait right here, I’ll run up to the front and get you a hand cart.  I’ll be right back with it.”  What?  You will.  I honestly could not believe he offered to do that.  Maybe where you live that would not be uncommon but most shoppers around here are 1- in a hurry, 2 – try to remain invisible to others, or 3 – really just could not care.  It was the simplest of offers but really just made my day:)

By the way, I was wondering in said Walmart far longer than necessary because I was trying to find peanuts.  Why are the peanuts not even in a food aisle??  I also needed almond bark.  What is almond bark?  Isn’t it basically white chocolate?  Just curious.  But let’s move forward with some fun holiday related questions….

When do you decorate? Typically, the first weekend after December 6th (which is my husband’s birthday).  That was “the rule” when the kids were younger and, while I am a tad more flexible now, it seems to work well for us.

Are you an early or last minute shopper?  More last minute than early but I don’t wait too terrible last minute.  I have tried shopping early and buying things weeks or even months in advance.  That has never worked for me – but I applaud those who are organized enough to make that happen.

Do you open present one at a time or all at once?  One at a time…for sure and for certain.  All at once just sounds like Christmas chaos. No thank you.

Do you enjoy giving or receiving?  Giving.  I love looking for gifts.  Creating gift baskets.  Making gift magic.  All of it.  Wrapping can be fun too but my husband really enjoys wrapping so I usually let him do that part.  Receiving gifts is, well,  awkward.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Best gift ever received?  The second Christmas after our third child was born (he would have been 15 months), my husband surprised me with a mother’s ring that he had designed and made by a friend of his who owned a jewelry store.  Not only is it a beautiful ring but it was a complete surprise and probably the gift with the most effort and thought required that he has ever given me.

Favorite Christmas song?  Not a song, really, but I love the Michael Bublé Christmas album.  Love it. Every single song.  I could listen to that CD every day.  Oh, and I do!  I sing especially loud with the Jingle Bells track!!:)

Worst Christmas song?  Oh, there will probably be someone who disagrees with me but that’s okay.  The Carol of the Bells is not a favorite.  At all. But the Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing this song makes me want to bang my head on the wall.  It is just the worst!  If you love it, go ahead, give yourself a headache but I avoid it at all costs.

Favorite Christmas snack?  Cookies.  Of course.  Oh, cookies are my weakness.  I went to Trader Joe’s the other day.  The peppermint Joe Joe’s – oh my soul.  So good.  But I could fill in the blank here with one of any dozen Christmas cookies.  I also love Buckeyes!  Oh, and Haystacks.  I almost forgot about Haystacks.  I need to make some of those this week!!

Well, now I have made myself hungry:)  I guess I should stop here.  I hope the rest of your week goes well.  Presents are getting wrapped and excitement is building at your house – if you have little ones in your life!  Oh the joy of Christmas that is ours when shared with little ones!!

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  1. My answers would be almost identical to yours! Except that my favourite song is Last Christmas, probably because I love George Michael’s music. My daughter once gifted me tickets for us to go and see him in concert at Christmas and it was absolutely amazing 🤩

  2. Giving gifts is my love language so I definitely prefer giving than receiving. And I’m definitely with you when it comes to favorite Christmas snack…it’s cookies all the way! I just now took some little mini loaves of banana bread out of the oven to use as gifts for a few special ladies at church for Christmas and it does smell good in here. But cookies are my favorite!

    1. Mini loaves of banana bread – what wonderful gifts! I would love to gift those…but would even enjoy receiving that gift too!:)

  3. My favorite Christmas album used to be Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. We saw them in concert several times and they put on a fantastic show.
    I usually decorate after Thanksgiving and by December 26th, I’m ready to take it all down. Every year my husband reminds me that Christmas goes through the first week of January (or at some point that I can’t remember, because I tune it out every year). I want my house back to normal!

    I tend to shop from November through a week or two before Christmas. If I shop too early, I will forget what I have.

    I’m all about cookies…all year round!

    And, if I never here the song “Christmas Time is Here” which sounds like nails on a chalkboard, it will be too soon!

    1. Forgetting what you have bought and/or where you put it….exactly!! That is why I cannot shop early. Trust me, I know this my experience! Ugh.

  4. Michael Bublé is wonderful! Great voice. I also love Harry Connick Jr’s music. Beautiful.
    You have reminded me that I need to get busy and make up my cookie doughs! I make the dough, scoop out balls of it then freeze it. Pop some out on a cookie sheet on the holiday and bake. No fretting or messy clean-up to do.
    Happy weekend!

  5. I love that sweet Walmart story! Most people around here would not do that either (but I do think some would!). We absolutely open gifts one at a time; it’s the only way to see what everyone has gotten. We always decorate that long weekend after Thanksgiving since I almost always have every at home to help. I take full advantage of all the help anyone offers.

  6. Hey Jennifer – Thanks for giving us a peek at your Christmas preparations and joys! May this be a delightful holiday for you and yours. I look forward to connecting in the year ahead. Let’s see what God will do in our homes, hearts, and online space.

    1. A great thought – what can God do with this online space! I am going to ponder that idea…and ask Him about it! Thank you, my friend!

  7. I’m chuckling at you in the store, holding things with your chin! Nice that the young man offered to get you a cart. “_
    This was fun!
    I decorate the day after Thanksgiving if I can, then it comes down the day ofter Christmas.
    I’m an early shopper. I like to have things bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving. But there are usually a few last minute things.
    We open one at a time, so we can enjoy seeing what everyone got.
    I love to give gifts. It’s so fun to try to find something meaningful and wrap it up pretty!
    The year our first baby was born – she was one month old, my hubby got me a microwave. That was back when they weren’t standard for everyone. It was such a changer for me in the kitchen!
    I love Michael Buble too. I don’t think I have a favorite though, I really like Christmas music.
    Least favorite is maybe Grandma got run over by a reindeer.
    Favorite Christmas snack may be fudge, or toffee, or caramels…. 🙂

  8. I laughed aloud at your description of your arms full, chin helping out! I do the same thing!

    Most of your fun questions can be answered with our new family tradition: we have our family Christmas in July! (I may have shared that with you before…) After several years of cancelations (illness, Covid, bad weather for traveling), this year our children and grandchildren gathered this summer. I decorated and baked as usual, and there was a delightful novelty in doing so–the neighbors laughed at my snowmen on our porch in warm, sunny weather. We loved being able to be outdoors, spend the whole weekend together, and most of all, to finally be all together. Now at this Christmas, our family can spend time at home, seeing in-laws, or enjoying the day as they wish. And we have more time to reflect and focus on the birth of Jesus.

    May your Holidays be filled with every joy!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful new tradition! I can only imagine all the stress elevated – both now and in July while you were celebrating!! Merry Christmas to you, too!

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