A Little Letters Look At August (2019)

Another month almost in the history books.  With school back in session and all the windows open, summer feels like it has come to an end.  Actually, there is one whole week left in August and, yes, fall is not official for days after that but, really, summer seems done.  So, a look back at August today and, next week, I plan to look back at the whole summer.

Dear Deb – your friendship is a gift.  Our time together this month was not only fun, and just plain good for my soul, but our morning at the cemetery was a gift to my spirit.  Thank you for suggesting it.  For sharing a blanket on the ground and listening.  Thank you for the gift of allowing me to share my heart – and for loving not only me but my sweet boy as well.  I will treasure that morning for a long time.

Dear Bible study gals – thanks for the fun, and all the food, at our potluck.  It was great to see everyone again.  It was so nice of Angie to open her home for us.  A new semester is right around the corner.

Dear Date-night friends – thanks for putting up with us.  We always enjoy our evenings together.  You both just make us feel good.  And you have the nicest porch, bar none, anywhere around!  Thanks for always saving a spot for us:)

Dear Juanita – thanks for letting me join your birthday celebration.  What a blessing you are to me – and how fun it was to celebrate the nine decades of your beautiful life.  I was honored to be included at your party.  Hope this year ahead is full of sweet blessings for you!

Dear VBS – you were a lot of fun.  And I almost forgot how much work you are, too!  This old girl was tired by the end of the week!  I love the way Bible truths and lessons can be shared even while having fun, playing games and creating experiments:)  I am grateful for everyone that worked so hard to make this year special for those who attended.  There is a lot that goes on beforehand and behind the scenes during the week – and all of it was appreciated.

Dear Wobbly Boots – let’s just say….you were a hoot!!  Thanks for being so willing to “take one more fall” for the team!

Dear Effies – you consistently come through with the most amazing soft serve anywhere.  Several field trips (with Heritage Village) later and my diet has been derailed.  In the most delicious way!

Dear brother of mine – a look back at August always includes you.  Your birthday – we did not celebrate in the most extravagant of ways…but I hope you always know how much you loved!  It is going to be an amazing year ahead!!

Dear sweet bee farm – I’m coming at you.  I did not even know you existed.  And so close by.  But tomorrow is the day and I think it will be the perfect end to this month.  Sunshiny day.  Late summer flowers.  And honey.  Local golden goodness.

Dear curtains – keep blowing in the breeze.  I love the sight of it.  I love the windows open…the sounds of my neighborhood…and brisk mornings that call for something just a bit more snuggly.

There has been much to give thanks for this past month.  Many blessings.  Lots of fun times and some harder days, too.  I attended a memorial service that reminded me that we are all creating a legacy.  Making an impact.  Let’s make it an impact that inspires others to live for Him.

Of course, August always begins with thoughts of Tyler.  Another year that we have been missing him and of navigating through grief.  And each heaven birthday gives me cause to look back and see how God has worked…strengthened and enabled…and how He has been so faithfully tender and merciful.  I am blessed.

Dear Tyler – it seems like yesterday and it seems like an eternity.  But the reality is – there will be an eternity to get caught up.  To see each other face to face.  I don’t understand it all but I know in my heart, there is a grand reunion coming.  I can’t wait.  I love you, buddy.



5 thoughts on “A Little Letters Look At August (2019)

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful month! Have a great time at the bee farm. Blessings to you as you grieve the loss of Tyler this month and always.

    1. Thanks, Laurie! It was a blessed month. I can miss the blessings sometimes. One of the reasons that the “looking back” posts are so helpful for me!

  2. Jennifer, this was so beautiful…from the photos to your sentiments. Thanks for sharing all that you’ve been grateful for this month. I’m saying a prayer for your heart as you remember Tyler. Hugs, friend.

    1. Thanks for your prayers, your notes and your visits to my blog. You are always an encouragement! Thanks for the hugs as well:)

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