A Look Back at August: Little Letters

Hard to believe, but this is my last post in August!  Another month – finished.
Just like that, summer is almost gone.  I thought I would look back at the events and blessings of this month in a new (to me) and kinda fun way….with “little letters”!

Dear kitchen cabinets.  You just make me smile with your fresh coat of paint and totally new look.  I knew I would love the change and always imagined what painted cabinets would do for the kitchen, but really never thought it would be in the budget or would actually happen.  But, there you are every morning – in all your creamy (off white-ish) prettiness – just making me smile!  Welcome to our kitchen and I hope you are here for many years to come!

Dear TJ.  Thanks for making the cabinets so pretty!  It was a long six days – at least, they seemed long to me – but you did a great job!!

Dear brother of mine.  So glad we were able to help celebrate your birthday.  Dinner was great and you were so happy (life is treating you well!) and any evening spending time with you is a blessing. Being your sister is a blessing!  Praying the next year ahead is full of special days for you.

Dear Carrabbas. You rarely disappoint and our visit this month was no exception.  You were the

perfect place to visit with our South Dakota buddies – we are always happy for the chance to see them again! – and your server worked hard to handle our large group!  Thanks a bunch!

Dear Sam.  Kudos for handling that cross country trip (South Dakota to South Carolina!) like a champ!  Praying your freshman year is a great one.  Don’t forget….phone home.  Text.  Skype. Whatever…but your mom wants to hear from you.  Just sayin.

Dear August humidity.  You just about ruined my attitude this month.  I love summer.  Love it.  And it was going great until two weeks into August and you were relentless.  Thank you for making your worst days short-lived – but you were intense.

Dear fall-like weather.  Welcome!  Please stay.

Dear Tribute residents.  What fun you are – and how blessed I am to join you each week.  As a new volunteer, I am just getting to know each of you but, already, I have had a great time: many of laughs, good conversations, fun outings and too much food!  Thanks for welcoming me into your home and into your activities.  I already look forward to visiting each week.

Dear Courtney.  Thanks for a second great haircut.  Two in a row – this is something rare for me. Dare I hope that I have actually found a stylist that I can depend on and I will visit for more than four cuts??  How exciting.  The fact that I didn’t cut my own hair in between visits says much – and is my highest compliment.

Dear church family.  This has been a history-making month for our church….in a good way. We all know change can be tricky – if not hard.  But God is really working and blessing.  I hope we will be excited for our preacher, as he retires, and that we will encourage and support our new pastor in every way that we can.

Dear September.  Come on in – and welcome!  I am looking forward to you and all the fun things I have planned while you are here…birthdays, our anniversary, a wedding, vacation – just to get me excited. Yes, I will miss summer but I’m ready for you September.

4 thoughts on “A Look Back at August: Little Letters

  1. Jennifer, it sounds like August has been a pretty amazing, stretching month for you. I loved reading your letters. and your cabinets look so nice! I hope your Sam does connect with you on a regular basis. 🙂 I'm not looking forward to the days when my boys go away to college.

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