A Mid-year Reassessing of Our January Goals

We have finished six months in 2020.  I know, seriously, in many ways, it feels a lot longer than six months; but all the unusual (and completely unanticipated) events aside, we are half-way through the year.  The half-way mark seems like an appropriate time to rehearse – or take account of – our goals for this year.  Yes, many of our plans, and even our dreams, for this year have been canceled, postponed or completely reinvented.  But, hopefully, there are still goals we are working toward.  Physical goals (maybe you’ve recently added weight loss to your goals after the COVID-15!?!) Career or work goals.  Health goals or personal challenges.  And, spiritual goals.  No matter what a year may look like, there must always be spiritual goals…those things that keep us pressing toward the mark.  Growing and maturing in our faith and, as well, deepening our fellowship and relationship with Christ.

If you did not make any such goals at the beginning of this year, you can start now.  There are still six months to make real spiritual progress.  But, if you did make some commitments – set some goals – back in January….how are they coming along?  It is a good time to take stock.  Perhaps the events of 2020 have gotten you sidetracked.  Or maybe you have simply stalled.  There are numerous ways to begin again, refresh, or recommit to our goals.  Perhaps you are still focused and working towards your spiritual goal and simply need some fresh encouragement.  Either way, my one suggestion – as I said there are many but perhaps one you have overlooked –  is to connect with other faith-builders regularly.

You know who they are.  Yes, they are the ones with the gift of encouragement.  But there are others as well.  Your prayer partners – the ones you can trust with your heart.  The seasoned saints and other women with wisdom – whether they have gained wisdom through many years of walking with Christ or have simply been digging deep into His word longer than you have.  Some are in the same trenches you are, while others are fighting and facing completely different challenges.  But you know the ones who share your heart’s passion – the desire to know Him better.  To be more like Jesus in order to glorify Him with your life.  Seek these people out.  Stay connected…in real life or whatever works best if that isn’t possible.  Draw strength and encouragement from them.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

There is power in numbers.  Satan loves to attack us when we are alone…and when we try to go it alone.  We are much more able to withstand – even defeat- his attacks when we are connected to others.  Share your spiritual goals with a trusted few.  Yes, they can help keep you accountable but, even more, they can keep you encouraged.  Find and connect to some faith-builders this month.  It will impact the next six months of 2020 – without a doubt.

5 thoughts on “A Mid-year Reassessing of Our January Goals

  1. Jennifer, this year has surely unfolded in the most unexpected of ways. With all that has and is changing, He has remain unchanged, and reliable, and faithful. I am most grateful for the encouragement I have received over these last few months. More so, I pray I have been able to encourage others to seek and trust Him. Blessings!

    1. In many ways, I wrote this post to myself. I am quick to isolate and try to go it alone. But, I totally agree….even as I seek to connect with others who will build me up, I want to be a faith-builder to someone else!! Thanks for your comment, Joanne!

  2. It is strange to think back to our plans and hopes at the start of 2020 but it is good to do that, and to pause and evaluate how we might change our focus for the second half of the year. And I agree, we definitely need others around us who can encourage us and build our faith.

  3. Hi Jennifer … I love this re-evaluation half way through this utterly unexpected 2020.

    Who would of guessed we are where we are today.

    Only God knew. So grateful He hasn’t changed a bit.

  4. Our Sunday school teacher did a lesson on that verse of Scripture and I really enjoyed it. Glad to be reminded of it. Just started a Bible study with my sister but we aren’t really conversing about it. Will encourage her to meet up with me and share her thoughts so we can be tougher together and hold each other accountable.

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