A New Word for 2020

Welcome, 2020!!  I love beginnings.  The beginning of a new week (yes..Mondays!).  The beginning of a new project, a new chapter, a new season, a new month or even a new series.  The beginning of a new day is the absolute best:)  I am a lover of mornings!!  The expectancy that comes with the new is exciting – and energizing – for me.  So, a new month, year and decade all rolled into one is ah.mazing!

No mind that I started the new year sick.  In bed.  I have been making up for celebrating these last few days.  Christmas has been tucked away and my mind has been busy planning, dreaming, scheduling, and organizing.  Loving life right about now!

Maybe you are a resolution maker…or maybe not.  Whether you call them goals, resolutions or simply high hopes, I like to have focus as I start a new year.  One way I do this is by choosing a word for the year.  I’ll admit, the first time I did was simply to be on-trend.  I was drawn to the new-to-me fad because of my love for words.  I did not give it deep thought.  Since then, I am much more purposeful in selecting a word for the year.  I even pray about it and God has answered.  I have been surprised, and even delighted, to see how the word God lays on my heart at the beginning of the year plays out in so many unexpected ways throughout the year.

Last year’s word was surrender.  I did several posts over the last months as to how that word was playing out….and was shaping me.  You can find those posts using the keyword “surrender” on the sidebar.  It really was a powerful word.  And I am looking for exciting things with 2020’s word as well.  My word for this year:  BLOOM

These past months (more than just the last twelve) have been a season of surrender and pruning.  They have also been a time of stillness and waiting. I picture the huge apple tree in my grandparent’s front yard that was always a favorite for the grandchildren.  That tree was massive.  At one point, its branches began overtaking the yard and even the small crop of apples seemed to be more of a nuisance than anything.  I’m sure many would have cut it down but my grandfather was a gardener to his soul.  That mature tree was trimmed and pruned, and then fertilized and watered.  Loved and cared for.  I’m sure there was waiting but then it happened.  A tree covered in gorgeous apple blossoms – and ready to produce fruit!

I am asking God for a year to bloom.  To “burst forth” for His glory and ready to produce fruit.  Whatever fruit He may desire.  I’m looking for Him to great things in 2020!!  I plan to document as many of those “great things” here on this blog.  I hope you will continue to visit here.  To follow along.  Perhaps you will ask God for “great things” as well.  Please share them with me.  I so enjoy the connections and community through this blog.

4 thoughts on “A New Word for 2020

  1. So enjoyed reading this! You have chosen a great word! I always look forward to learning what word God has for me each year. I realize that there is nothing inherently spiritual about choosing a word to focus on, but it’s a way God has encouraged me at the start of each new year since 2013. As I mentioned on Instagram, this year my word is Diligence. I haven’t blogged about it yet as I want to gather my thoughts, some Scriptures, etc. before doing so.

    Another thing I do once I have my word for the year is to make a Pinterest board just for the word. I find that God invariably brings information across my path that encourages me in whatever the area is, and having a board makes a great way to find it again. Just a thought!

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