A Peek at My Week

Happy Hump Day – if that is still a thing!  Right in the middle of our week.  Most did not notice but I missed my Monday post and the chance to greet everyone this week.  I had another weekend of not feeling great.  Ugh.  Sunday night (when I should have been preparing the blog) was the worst; however, I have been feeling great since then and the week, thus far, has been lovely.  We got a bit of break in our extreme summer weather and even some much-needed rain.  So as the week ambles along, I thought I would just give a quick look at the current “state of affairs” around my house.
Outside my window.  Lots of summer sunshine!  Yesterday was overcast but the sun has returned.  I could really use a pool in my backyard! Just sayin.  Outside our front window, the crape myrtle is in bloom.  Not quite full bloom but I don’t expect a lot more.  Even with fewer blooms, it is a gorgeous tree (one of my favorites) and makes for a beautiful front yard view!
Around the house.  The living room awaits a good dusting.  A pull all the furniture from the wall and dust everything kind of job.  The living room does not get a lot of use and is easily overlooked when it comes to dusting, etc.  There will also be a good vacuum first thing this morning.  The grand dog was here yesterday and I always feel the need to vacuum the morning after she goes home:)  She is not a huge shedder…but, still.  We also have several more new doorknobs – hooray.  We installed seven yesterday.  We are practically professionals at this point and the “doorknob project” is just about complete.
Also on the to-do list.  There are a few more things to drop off at our local SPCA.  After Bailey died, we wanted to donate many of her things – beds, harnesses, etc., and even medicines – and we discovered an SPCA in the county next to us.  We didn’t even know it was there.  It is such a cool place.  In addition to expected cats and dogs, I have seen goats and, last week, the hugest pot-belly pig.  After donating things we already had, we have been picking up things, as we see them, at the store in order to help out.  It makes the animal lover in us smile:)
On the menu this week.  So far this week, we have had tacos (which we have not had in quite a while – maybe that is why they were so good) and, last night, I made my husband some smoked sausage.  He loves that….almost as much as he does hot dogs.  Yuck.  Spaghetti is on the menu for tonight or tomorrow.  A rather back-to-the-basics menu this week, it seems.  I could use some creativity not to mention some good ole summer favorites!
On my mind in the middle of the week.  The Junior Church kiddos sing this coming Sunday morning.  I thought they were “all set” and have been sounding great during practice.  Until this past Sunday night.  Oh my.  Not sure what happened but it was not pretty.  We will be able to practice one more time tonight after church….and I’m hoping for a miracle-sized improvement.  We just made vacation plans – even bought plane tickets (so it’s official) – for October.  We are going to Branson, Missouri with some friends.  I would love to know if you have ever been – and, if so, any suggestions or ideas for things to enjoy.  And, my uncle who I mentioned the last time I did one of these entries (who was so very ill in the hospital) is finally home.  Has been for a week.  His recovery is a complete miracle and an answer to so many prayers.  God is good – in so many ways.  I also saw a very real answer to prayer for a senior friend yesterday.  It just made my day!
There really are several praises and answers to prayer on my heart – and in my thoughts – as I write out this post.  I’m realizing just how very blessed I am!!  I hope your week has included a few extra blessings as well!  Please come back on Friday.  I will be doing this month’s Share Four Somethings which is on the fourth Saturday of each month….and that is usually the last Saturday.  Jokes.  This month has five Saturdays and the link-up was last week.  I totally missed it.  Oh bother.  I’m still going to jump in late.  You can read it on Friday. Until then, have a great rest of the week!!

6 thoughts on “A Peek at My Week

  1. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I have been having days like that as well, but I usually improve when I take my sinus medicine. Our humidity has been terrible, so that is what makes me feel bad when I wake up in the mornings. I laughed when I read about you pulling furniture out to vacuum/dust…because we were doing that last week at like ten o’clock one night. The dog hair is no joke in our house, and I think we had an entire extra dog under the couches, thanks to Callie the German Shepherd.

    That is so great about your uncle and the other answered prayer! It’s always so faith building to witness that. We used to love going to Branson! We haven’t been since about 2017, but Silver Dollar City is always a hit and fun in the fall. Big Cedar Lodge is a must- do the golf tour! It’s pricey, but gorgeous! Since you’re somewhat close, Lambert’s is another must go to- the place where they throw the dinner rolls at you. Everyone should go there at least once. We also love going to shows at The Sight & Sound theater- again, it’s pricey, but worth the money. It’s like a Broadway production, but even better because the stories are true. If you go, you have to get the roasted pecans as a snack.

    Happy day to you, my friend!

    1. So many exciting places to think about and look forward to in Branson. Thanks so much for sharing!!:)

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I am a volunteer case worker through an organization with my church and we had an experience with a precious client and her children yesterday that my case work buddy and I are giving so much glory and thanks to God! His timing on the events that unfolded yesterday was so incredible and we feel so blessed He chose us to be the ones to handle this particular case. God is so good!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your blessing this week….I love these comments and am always encouraged when I read how God is blessing and working for each of us!! God is, indeed, so good!

  3. We don’t have pets but we’ve been doing a “real” cleaning of the house this week including baseboards and moving furniture. Next week I’m hoping to tackle all the windows and screens. We’re having spaghetti tonight too! I wanted something quick and easy for dinner and my boys all enjoy spaghetti.

    1. It’s so satisfying to sit in a room and know the baseboards are all clean….if you are the only one who knows it!!:) Spaghetti is always a winner!! Glad you stopped by, Joanne!

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