A Season to Offer Praise

Today has been 100 percent fall.  The leaves are just beginning their transition…but the temperatures are perfect autumn.  Sweater weather.  Clear skies and glorious sunshine that warms up the chilly morning.  The front porch mums are bursting out in color.  I helped put out a staff lunch today at my church and the school there.  And even the kitchen smelled like autumn with dessert tables full of pumpkin bars, apple pies and banana pudding.  There was cider simmering and a hearty sausage soup in several crock pots.  Yummy treats of the season.

Often I find my thoughts of fall and this wonderful season of the year reflecting my feelings on this stage of life I am enjoying.  There are so many parallels.  I want to share a couple but for the sake of Five Minute Friday, I will start with one – and then finish up on Tuesday.

GO – Praise.  As hard as it is to believe, autumn is not everyone’s favorite seasons.  Some love summer (which I do really enjoy) and there are even some who totally enjoy winter.  This I do not understand.  But whatever your first choice, few cannot find much to appreciate about fall.  God’s handiwork is so vividly on display.  The red, yellow and fiery orange trees never fail to amaze and to reflect so beautifully on their creator.  Without speaking, they praise the Lord.  They demonstrate His majesty as well as His imagination.

This is the season I am in.  Time to reflect on the former months – even as I prepare for the winter months ahead.  My words.  My choices.  My attitudes and days spent.  All of it needs to reflect on Christ and not only point others to Him but to cause them to be in awe of who He is and what He has done for me.  In so doing, I praise Him.  Praise is not reserved for certain times.  Praise is not done only through worship songs or beautiful music.  Our lives can praise Him.  Indeed, our lives should praise Him.

As I soak in all the beauty that continues to emerge in the next weeks of autumn, I pray that each tree – more beautiful than the last one I saw – will remind me to review my days.  Am I a reflection of praise on my savior?

“Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.”  Psalm 150:6

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  1. Spring is my favorite season but I love fall too! Praise should be a lifestyle. So many reasons I can think of to Give praise. In in the #20 spot this weekend. Blessings1

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