A Visit from My Friend

Photo by Karina Carvalho on Unsplash

I met Deb 37 years ago.  Thirty-seven.  How can that be?  It was sometime during my very first, very emotionally tenuous, 48 hours of college dorm life.  I was so out of my element and, although surrounded by freshmen just like me (and plenty of seemingly self-confident upper class men), I felt completely alone.  Somewhere in the busyness of meeting the other girls that would make my “home” for the next months, I met Deb.  And, as Anne Shirley would say, she was my bosom friend.  A genuine kindred spirit.

I survived that year because of Deb.  That friendship helped to mold me – and continues to do so thirty-seven years later.  Deb has known the good, the bad and the downright ugly that is me. Sadly, those early post high school years were among the worst for me.  But Deb’s friendship was a constant.  What a gift!

Deb came for a visit this past weekend.  It has been over two years since we were last together.  But it seems we can pick up right where we took a breath in our last conversation…and, then, full steam ahead with new chats, new laughs and new memories.

We saw the Sound of Music at the Kennedy Center.  The acting was good and the Von Trapp children were adorable but not all movies translate “just as wonderful” to the stage.  The songs and the singing were fantastic!  Truly they were – its just hard to walk in the footsteps of Julie Andrews!  We wandered the cobble-stone streets of Old Towne, then took a water taxi to National Harbor.  So many restaurants and not enough time.  No, that is not us in the top photo.

Here is our shot of the Harbor’s ferris wheel.  We were standing on a nearby pier overlooking the Chesapeake – where the ferris wheel certainly did not look that far away – trying to decide if we needed one more view of the harbor.  We were content to keep our feet on the ground.  Such a wonderful weekend.  The special ones go by so quickly – but I’ve replenished my store of memories and refreshed my soul….enough to hold me until our next visit. – which we promised would not be another two years from now!!

One more Anne Shirley quote (she is a gem):

                            “True friends are always together in spirit.”

One thought on “A Visit from My Friend

  1. Jennifer, I loved this post, and I love Anne Shirley! So many good quotes from her. 🙂 As I read your post, I found myself thanking God for the gift of some lifelong friends. I have one friend I met when I was TEN, and we are still in touch . . . though not nearly as often as I would like. This season of my life has me running crazy with my kids' schedules. I have another dear kindred-spirit friend who I will get to spend a little time with later this month. I'm so thankful for those lifetime friends. You are blessed to have Deb, and I bet she'd say the same about having you in her life.

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