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THANKFUL THURSDAY ….and I am so thankful for this house that we have called home for over fifteen years. When we moved here, our children were one, three and five. I remember, as we left the old house, thinking, “this is the house where all of our children were born” but, my goodness – this is the home where we raised our family! Many a milestone has been observed here, many (many) a memory made and just so much of life has been lived within these walls. And I truly thank the Lord for it all.

As I mentioned, the van will come tomorrow and load up all of these boxes and all of our stuff. And, while I appreciate that it is “stuff”…there is a lot “attached” to that stuff for me.

Our bed – that was such a great place to snuggle with sleepy little ones early in the morning….that was a good place to sit and have “one of those talks”….that could easily be turned into a fort or even an occasional trampoline!

The kitchen table – where fifteen years of family dinners have been shared. We talked, and laughed, and fussed. Sometimes corrected or reprimanded. Sometimes encouraged. And sometimes just ate – but always together. We’ve enjoyed many a great meal there – and endured several flops, as well.

The dining room table – that has been the place to celebrate so many life events….birthdays, graduations, holidays, special days and any other chance to “get out the good dishes”!

The couch….goodness, I had no idea how many memories I associated with our couch until I began to jot down these thoughts for today! I am so grateful for every morning we gathered there for family devotions before school. All of the guests we have entertained there. The times we have gathered around – just being together as a family. The naps taken there and all the sick days that have been made so much better snuggled under the yellow quilt on that couch. The list is too long…..

I thank the Lord, today, for this house. This neighborhood (that’s a whole other post) – the neighbors we have known and the ones we currently enjoy so much. This home! And I am also grateful for the beautiful new home He has given – and look forward to all the new memories to be made.

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  1. Ah, moving. I hate it. The actual process of packing things up and such – Ugh – I said I'd never move again unless God kicked me out. hee hee

    But saying that – it certainly can be an adventure and it is fun to know that you're going where God is leading.

    I can imagine how hard it would be to leave the home where your kids grew up. Makes me sad for you thinking about it. But, you have a great attitude! There are new memories to be made and you'll always have those that you already have made. So, good for you!

    Have fun on your new adventure Jennifer.

  2. aww, cute front porch! we're in a townhouse too 🙂
    have fun moving! it's on to a new adventure and a new place for your furniture to build new memories on top of the old ones 🙂

  3. Awe Jen! I am so sad today because I already miss that house so much. There are SO MANY memories that I have from all of the visits there and year that I lived there. I'm excited for you and dad but sad because I LOVE that house! Good luck with the move tomorrow! 🙂



  4. When I thought we were moving this summer, I looked back on all the memories here and it was very sad to think about leaving it all. I know we carry our memories w/ us though.

    It is exciting to start afresh, though! I'm excited for this new chapter in your life!

  5. I am so out of the loop. I am sorry that I am not there to help you pack a box or carry a load to the truck.

    The memories are sweet and no matter the location you will carry them with you in your heart.

    Hugs to all, I miss you!


  6. Isn't it wonderful that you do not have to leave your "memories" behind. God's blessings on you as you settle in. (I moved into our house when we got married and I am still in the same house after 50 years.).

  7. To me, this was incredibly depressing and kind of makes me want to cry! I'm so happy for you guys with your beautiful new home, but I want my home back!

    congratulations though I love you both!

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