An Acrostic on Heaven

In an effort to keep my heart fixed, my thoughts, emotions and feelings settled, and with real intent, to enjoy and savor Christmas and all that can (and should) be beautiful about it, I have really limited my time – and attention – on not just social media but the computer in general.  It has been a challenge, a relief, and a blessing…all at the same time:)  No critiquing or judging.  Not even any suggestions.  Simply something that has been on my heart for a bit and the Christmas season seemed the perfect time to “unplug” and reassess.

That said, this is a short and simple blog post.  My thoughts always turn toward Heaven during this time of year.  Not simply because my heart is, and always will be, missing Tyler – and many others – but also because of the real hope that is ours because of Christmas!  Because of the manger and the birth of our savior, we can live with hope in this difficult world.  With all its challenges, hurts, confusion, turmoil, and even with the deepest grief.  We need not be overwhelmed, but we can “set our affections (our heart and our hope) on things above….”

So, these are my short, simple thoughts on Heaven today.  Be encouraged, friend.  The manger was real.  Christ’s birth was real.  The hope it brought to all who will receive Him is real. And Heaven is real!!

H – Home…with loved ones and with Jesus
E – Earth restored to Paradise
A – Abundant joy and purposeful life
V – Victory over Satan…he is defeated
E – Eternal….no more death or dying
N – No more heartache, sorrow or pain

8 thoughts on “An Acrostic on Heaven

  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for always sharing your heart and life with us here in this strange and lovely world of blogging. I’m so glad we “met” and are friends. 🙂 I love your acrostic on Heaven! I love this time of year so much, but I know that for so many, it’s hard on them because of lost loved ones. As I read today’s post, I stopped to pray for you. Just thought I’d share that with you and that I asked the Lord to keep bringing you the peace that only He can give.

    Merry Christmas, friend.
    Jen from

    1. What a treasure to hear that someone (I’ve never even met in person) has prayed for me today!! I am blessed!

  2. Beautiful poem, my friend. In so many ways this holiday is a celebration. But I grew up with a mom who disliked the holidays. We children knew that but we didn’t realize to what extent she was unhappy as Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around. I think our father hid it from us. But once he was gone, we realized how depressed and sad she was. We hold our collective breaths each other from October to February hoping Mom will be okay.
    We lost my 3 year old nephew the day after Thanksgiving in 2001. Have often wondered why Andrew had to be sick and leave us so soon. But his passing brought my brother, sister and I closer to God. I am thankful for Andrew.
    Praying the time away from social media and the blessings of season will bring you peace and happiness. I am thankful for your friendship.

    1. Oh, I am grateful for your friendship as well. I look forward to keeping in touch and following along with you in 2021 – especially on your blog!

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