An (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Another Heaven Birthday

I cannot make this a completely wordless post/Wednesday because….well, I always have something to say:)  But yesterday was our sweet Tyler’s Heaven birthday.  I’m not exactly sure where we picked up that phrase but we have embraced it.  We have now remembered seventeen such dates/birthdays – which is not only hard to wrap my heart around but also humbles me.  If there was ever evidence of God’s great grace, I feel it so deeply every August 1st.  It is only by His grace that I (and my family) have been able to navigate this path.  Yes, a path of deep grief but also a path that led us back to smiles, laughter again and even to joy amidst the sadness.  Only God can do that.

Each time we go to the cemetery.  Each time I gather with my sweet family. Whether we share a memory (for the 100th time but that still makes us laugh) or we are drying a tear, I am grateful for the reminder of all His goodness to me.  And yesterday was no exception.

I miss you, Buddy.

10 thoughts on “An (Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Another Heaven Birthday

  1. Jennifer, my heart resonates with yours tonight. We visit our grandson Tyler’s grave whenever we can. We change the flag each season.
    There are no words. May we continue to find peace in Him and smiles in the good memories.

  2. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child. And 2 of my good friends have lost 30-ish sons this year (one to suicide, sadly). My heart breaks for them…and for you. But rejoicing that you see God’s sustaining comfort and peace upon your whole family.


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