And Now…..More From Our Cruise

Believe it or not, one of the things I am determined to do…and do this year!…is finish loading the pictures of our cruise. Yes, the cruise that was over four months ago. I posted three days worth and then I just never got back to it. So, without further ado…..I am going to continue with our vacation photos.
No, I won’t do all fourteen days at one time (heavy sighs of relief heard all around) but I will NOT take four more months to finish. And I hope that everything will post without being all crammed together like my posts have been lately. I certainly don’t type them like that – but they post with a mind of their own.
Moving on – our fourth day was in Zeebrugge, Belgium….right near Brussels. I really believe this was my favorite city on our trip. Not only was it lovely, it just had a wonderful “feel” about it…and we had a wonderful day!! Hubbie and I both agreed we would enjoy coming back to Belgium for vacation:)
We arrived in Zeebrugge and walked around just a bit waiting for the train to arrive.

We took the train to Brussels….

yes, the home of Belgian waffles – served any way you can imagine…..

and Belgian chocolate, of course!! Chocolate was in every store window and was carved, molded or shaped into absolutely anything that you could imagine – and then some!! I was amazed.

The city was absolutely charming – it was quaint, clean, and just lovely.

And, again, the flowers were everywhere!!

We had the perfect day walking through the town,

exploring historical churches,

and even climbed 365 steps inside this one – but why we did that, I just don’t know!! The center of the town was this charming square – full of people…both tourists and locals, shops and all kinds of wonderful cafes to stop and have a bite:)

We chose this one – but, goodness, I would have loved to move on to each and every one and have another taste. You just never know when you will have the chance again, right?? But, we did not!

We had such a nice day. And, just for the record…that day was the 14th – our actual anniversary! and the “reason” for the whole trip! I just can’t think of more special place – or way – to spend that day with my Hubbie!!
One of my favorite photos from Belgium…..

7 thoughts on “And Now…..More From Our Cruise

  1. Love the pics!!!

    If you're having trouble with your posts, maybe you should try LiveWriter. It is a free program I downloaded from the internet. It is super easy to use and my posts look exactly the way they will post on my blog. Let me know how it works out. 🙂

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous place to visit! Sooo pretty. And what an experience to remember….Have a wonderful day Jennifer…I am off to my mom's! HUGS

  3. Beautiful! and what a great adventure. Such charm and beauty all around, I know you had a wonderful time! As for the picture thing I had a time with it, and have had to come up with another way to load pics. Jackie

  4. These pictures are beautiful! I especially liked the last one…such wonderful memories for you all!

    Are we going to get some snow finally? 🙂

  5. It is wonderful to see your pictures and hear of your experiences.

    I have had to go private with my blog. I would love to send an invite toyou, Jennifer, but don't have your email. Feel free to email me: heidipocketbook at gmail dot com so I can send you an invite.

  6. Hey Jennifer, I am so behind on my blog reading. Please excuse me, but my plate has been a bit full. I was in Belgium the year I graduated from high school and it was so beautiful. I loved it too. I was in the same cities you posted about. I loved watching the ladies make lace sitting out on the streets. Glad you had a wonderful trip! Love & blessings from NC!

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