The Arrival of Little Bit

There have been lots of walks down memory lane these past days/weeks…and lots of thoughts of my Miss Em – guess that does not come as a surprise. So many good ones I could share – just to have them written down, if for no other reason…but today I thought I would go back to the very beginning (a very good place to start….) This should be good just because I was so naive – and, yes, a bit of a dork!!
While I was pregnant with Em, I was working full time. I had a due date of November 1st – but on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend (yes, in September), I began spotting at work. As honest as I know to be, I thought nothing of it. Only when it began to get heavier (quite heavy I can say now), did I ask the secretary next to me, “Do you think this is normal??”
She really did try to remain calm as she told me emphatically, “NO!” but I really did think she was bit melodramatic. Believe it or not, when I called my doctor’s office, they told me to come right in……I left everything right on my desk and my computer running because I truly thought I would be back in an hour or two?!? (Did I mention being naive?)
Two hours later……I’m in the hospital on complete bed rest. I was able to go home several days later but remained on complete bed rest for four weeks! My sweet hubbie was amazing…so sweet and attentive that, quite honestly, I was lovin’ life!! Every pound I gained was WONDERFUL…(goodness, what happened to that attitude)….all 17 of them!!
One morning – at 35 weeks – we were off to the doctor’s office to decide if they should start weaning me off the meds that were keeping the pre-term labor under control. The doctor wanted to monitor the baby for a bit so they hooked me up….he stepped out of the room for just a minute….and my water broke! To say I had excessive fluid would really not describe the scene in that little office…even the doctor was a bit taken back.
They wanted to call an ambulance to transport me to the hospital but we convinced them to allow Hubbie to take me…it really wasn’t too far. I love this part…..we stopped along the way to find a pay phone (yes, a pay phone) to call my mother!! That’s right….in labor…seriously “leaking”…making a collect call on a pay phone – and then some group of teenagers pulls up to the curb to ask for directions!?!?
I think you get the whole naive thing. Now for the dork part. Miss Em arrives!! Just a tiny little thing and is immediately rushed off to the NICU. I certainly didn’t get a chance to hold her – I really didn’t even see her. So, of course, I’m asking EVERYONE what does she look like?? Tell me every detail. Well, every single one of these someones told me the same thing, “She has red hair!”
What?? I have brown hair. Her dad has brown hair. Both generations before us have brown hair. I have nothing against red hair (in fact, I’m quite partial to it now) but I didn’t think that was possible. I just knew it was a joke. They would tell me she has red hair and I would say, “No, she doesn’t.” They would insist that she does – as they looked at me quite oddly, I might add.
Finally – and I hate to even admit this but I finally announced quite boldly, “If that baby has red hair, I’ll leave her in this hospital.” Uhhhh??? How dumb can you feel when they wheel you up to see you brand new ,beautiful baby girl with a head full of red (er, orange) downy fluff!!
Fast forward twenty years… sweet Em has without a doubt some of the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen! It has drawn her attention and many compliments all her life!! Thank goodness, her daddy made me take her home!! 🙂

Our first night home!! She weighed just over 4 1/2 pounds!! And, yes, her hair looks brown here but, trust me, it is red!

13 thoughts on “The Arrival of Little Bit

  1. What a sweet and funny story, all rolled into one! And what a beautiful daughter you have been given…I’m sure she will make a great wife–She has a wonderful example to follow!

  2. What a great story you shared, Jennifer! I know times are bittersweet for you right now. I’m certain you’ll have many more wonderful memories to make together.

  3. I am so glad that we don’t stay as naive as we are when we are young,…bless your truthful little heart. (Smile)

    I sure didn’t know much when I had my first baby either. But then back in those days the doctors didn’t tell us much, or give us all of the info that they give expectant mothers these days.

    I love red hair. I always wished I had it…

    I am so glad that your little one arrived safely and that even though she was little she was fine.

    Hope on over to my post today @ Truthful Tidbits. I hope Mr. Linky returns.


  4. What a precious story! I love the photo too! Those first moments are so precious! Sometimes naivity can save us so much stress!

  5. I loved the part when your water broke in the doctors office! You know, when you’re preggers they always tell you “it’s just amniotic fluid, no smell, etc…” but when it actually happens, everyone pulls up their nose or looks horrified or scared. It always made me want to say “Medical people! Buck up! Baby coming here”!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a sweet memory, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing the story of the birth of Miss Em! And thank you for all your encouraging comments. I probably already mentioned this…but I love the title of your blog. God is so faithful to make beauty from ashes in our lives…and I’m so grateful!

  7. This story is very…detailed… Mom 🙂 and no, I never knew that you wanted to leave me at the hospital…I’m learning more every day! 🙂

    I love you Mom

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