Aunt Joanie

Thankful Thursday….this Thursday finds me on the road to visit my dad’s older sister, my Aunt Joan, who will be celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday. Don’t let the number 80 fool you – no ma’am – she has more energy, more fashion sense and certainly more memory than I could possibly muster up! Truly, she defies her age. Not only am I thankful for a chance to visit with her, I am thankful for her and her testimony. She is a relatively new Christian and she is, indeed, a “new creature” since accepting Christ. With much more in common, we have become much closer in these last few years and I have so enjoyed watching her new faith grow.

She was a widow for many years but remarried about ten years ago – shortly after becoming a Christian. She and her new husband were having the time of their lives…until just about two years ago when he became ill and has been bedridden ever since. She has been the total care giver for him virtually making herself housebound. Several people have urged her to put him in a nursing home – not because that would be the best option (or even the only option) but simply because it would be the easiest option. However, my aunt has told me several times that is not what she promised at the altar and will continue until she simply can no longer care for him.

She does have some respite help three days a week now and this Friday we are “hittin’ the town”…hopefully, do some shopping and lunch at a tea room. Whatever we do, it will be fun I am certain. I feel privileged to spend the day with my Aunt Joanie. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Jennifer.

    Hope you and your sweet aunt have a fabulous time together. As people grow older, I think it’s so important to spend as much time with them as possible…does the heart good! Can’t wait to hear all about what you did!

  2. Beautiful post! I totally admire your aunt for taking care of her husband until she can’t anymore. Dirk’s (my husband’s) sweet grandmother did the same thing with grandpa until her health failed her three years ago! Right before she went on to be with the Lord, Dirk’s grandpa was put into a nursing home. Dirk now has that responsibility of making sure his grandpa is taken care. Long story there, but Dirk and his sister are the only family members who even cares. Sorry to ramble on….

    I pray that you have a safe trip and I’ll miss ya.

    Have fun!!!

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