Five Minute Friday

Enjoy Today’s Gifts

Children love birthdays!  Oh, the excitement!!  And, as parents, we love celebrating the birthdays of our children.  From the favorite food – favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner…or all three! – to the decorations and just the right cake.  And, of course, choosing a gift that will bring delight.  It is a lot of work but definitely… Read More Enjoy Today’s Gifts

Tell His Story

Spring – But Not Quite

Last Saturday…it was spring!  Yes, technically spring arrived back in March but, around here, spring was in full glory just three days ago!  We opened the windows, ate lunch on the patio, and even enjoyed spring cleaning and sprucing up outside.  The weather simply made all the chores enjoyable!  As far as I was concerned,… Read More Spring – But Not Quite

Five Minute Friday

Do I Measure Up??

“I hope they like me.  I hope I fit in.”   “What if they don’t?  If I don’t fit in?  Why did I even come?” These could be the thoughts of a middle-school girl walking into a new cafeteria.  Or a new mom attending her first MOPS meeting.  It might even be a woman, well into… Read More Do I Measure Up??