Currently: April 2020

March is in the books but, truthfully, I think we are far from putting March behind us.  So much of all that described this past month – the emotions, the challenges, the adjustments, the feelings and situations we have experienced during the last fifteen days (or so) – will not only move forward with us… Read More Currently: April 2020

Five Minute Friday

He Holds Tomorrow

My mother was a gifted singer.  She had a beautiful voice.  A tenor voice.  She sang silly songs for us as children.  She sang while she worked.  She did her best to sing even during her (often very) difficult days.  But, mostly, she sang in church.  She sang for the Lord.  And He honored her… Read More He Holds Tomorrow

Tell His Story

Lessons From These Difficult Days: Longsuffering

Discernment.  The dictionary included this phrase in one of its definitions:  to gain “spiritual guidance and understanding.”  Goodness, this has been a week for discernment.  Thoughts, opinions, posts, devotions, sermons and IG reflections abound.  And I have read many that have been encouraging, practical and even wise.  I, too, have been seeking the Lord’s guidance… Read More Lessons From These Difficult Days: Longsuffering


Currently: March 2020

And just like that…it is March.  Only 18 more days and we can officially welcome spring!  I noticed my neighbor’s daffodils are blooming!?!  Bring on all the signs of spring.  I changed my flags and front door wreath.  Sure, the porch still needs a good spring clean but it was a start.  And a welcome… Read More Currently: March 2020