Five Minute Friday

The Same Purpose

Born.  Ever since reading today’s prompt – born – one of my favorite songs has been on repeat in my head.  Born to Die Upon Calvary.  I’ve shared this song more than once on my blog but I’m always happy to share it again.  (just one verse and chorus but hum along….) Jesus knew when… Read More The Same Purpose


The Simplest Hospitality

One of my richest blessings is the friendship I share with a senior friend.  The afternoons I spend with her are some of my favorites. We love to share conversation over some Panera soup and half a sandwich and then wander the aisles at a local department store – looking for a new top that… Read More The Simplest Hospitality


Currently: May 2020

Well, hello May!  You came in with very little fanfare…especially as the days and weeks leading up to the turn of the calendar had all melded into one.  However, it is a new month.  Full of potential, possibility, and hope for, at least, a bit of return to life “as we knew it.”  It was… Read More Currently: May 2020