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Yes, I am sure you are tired of hearing about it by now….but my son is finally home!  Two flights and thirteen hours of travel but all went super smoothly.  We stopped for pizza on the way home (trying to let rush hour die down) and then chatted for a bit before he could not stay awake any longer.  Apparently, he is not able to sleep on planes.  I was surprised by this.  Nevertheless, with the anticipation and the excitement, I have not been able to form a coherent sentence with my thoughts here.  I had looked forward to doing part two of my vacation memories but that will have to wait.  So many thoughts, feelings, and, yes, emotions running through my mind.  I need to take some time to “be still.”  With that in mind, I am reposting something I shared several years ago.  It is the italicized portion.  Maybe it is just for me or, perhaps, it will be an encouragement to someone else as well.
No doubt, you have been in one of those situations where a large crowd is gathered.  All around the room, everyone is enjoying separate conversations while waiting for whatever event to begin.  Someone steps to the front of the room –  but goes unnoticed.  After several unsuccessful attempts of “May I have your attention please,” there is some gifted whistler at the back of the room who decides to pierce the air with an ear-numbing whistle.  I am not a fan of those deafening whistles (especially inside a gym) but they do get everyone’s attention!  And while I may not like the piercing noise, I can appreciate how frustrating it is to be unable to get anyone’s attention.  To be unheard and unnoticed.
I think what I really dislike about those whistle calls is the fact that I am unprepared.  I’m not ready.  Not anticipating it and, because of that, the noise is so alarming, or even frightening.  But that was not the case with the disciples at Pentecost.
“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.”  Acts. 2:1-2
The disciples knew God had promised to send the Holy Spirit, however, they didn’t know exactly when or even what to expect.  Nevertheless, they were expectant. And disappointed they were not!!  God sent the Spirit with a loud “sound from Heaven”!  No one missed it.  The sound, like a rushing mighty wind, was powerful and filled the entire house.  But this sound was not irritating, annoying, or even frightening.  It not only brought great hope but it transformed every single person in that house.
So often I concentrate on the still small voice of God.  And that is good. Actually, it is wonderful.  I want God to speak to me.  But, I also know how easy it is to be accustomed to the incessant noise of life – and my own agenda –  that surrounds me.  I want to hear God’s presence.  I need the rushing mighty wind to stop me.  To clear my agenda and, then, to quiet me.  I long to hear a sound from the Holy Spirit.
My own agenda can so often keep me busy and distracted.  I’ve felt a bit like that lately. I have even noticed it in my posts and repetitive comments.  Today I am ready to quiet my heart (and my spirit).  I’m ready to listen and to even anticipate a sound from Heaven.  That will be a sound worth hearing!

6 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. I’m so glad he made it home safe and sound! It was wise to have dinner to avoid the traffic in your area…I’m sure it’s terrible at rush hour! I loved this and agree wholeheartedly…I don’t always have words to form thoughts and sentences and I know that’s when I need to spend time in prayer. I often hurry through that and it’s like I experience a build up of junk that needs to be released. Thanks for the beautiful reminder, my friend. Much love!

  2. That is fantastic news that your son made it home safely (though tiredly- I can understand that as I can’t sleep on planes for the life or extremely fatigued of me!). The incessant noise of life as well as my own agenda do hold me back. Thanks for the reminders.

  3. I’m so pleased that he is home safely – you must be so happy to have him back. Hopefully once he has caught up with his sleep you can have some nice leisurely time together hearing about all his adventures. I’m sure there is much news to share!

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