Big D Little D’s Diner

If you ever find yourself in Strasburg, Virginia….or even running up Interstate 81….be sure to take the time for a bite to eat at Big&Lil D’s Diner – or, as the locals call is…Big D Little D’s!! Last week, my girlfriend, Trisha, and I made a daytrip to Strasburg for some antiquing and “fleaing” in order to celebrate her birthday. Not sure where to eat, we asked several of the shop owners. The choice was unanimous….the diner!
How cute it was – all that was missing were roller skates for the waitresses! Trisha had “frito pie”….a large layer of fritos topped with chili and all the favorite nacho toppings!
We came home with a few treasures…not too crazy..but all the fun was what the day was all about! Just a few pictures –

Yep, red vinyl booths and checkerboard floors!

Our look-alike outfits were purely coincidental!!

Just for you, Em! Betty Boop:) Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!

7 thoughts on “Big D Little D’s Diner

  1. What a fun place! These are just the kind of places my hubby and I love. Thanks for sharing it with us! = ) Glad you had a great time with your friend.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    That is a cute lil diner. My grandparents and dad owned a diner
    in KeyWest. In fact, it was a kW
    landmark, and the sign is stillup
    even tho my dad closed it quite some time back. I have very fond memories of summers spent in that dinner. It had u shaped counters with stools, and some of the best food you have ever!! I miss it sometimes.
    Nice to take a lil trip like that and eat in someplace new. Glad you had a nice time,
    and Tell your friend, I hope she had a Wonderful Birthday.
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. What a cute little diner! Don't you just love finding places like that to eat? I enjoy the drive up 81, it is so pretty! That town sounds so familiar, but I must have just seen the name on the highway sign. I am going to look it up on my map and see how far it is from me. Might be a fun road trip sometime. I love to antique and shop at thrift stores! Somewhere off of 81 in Virginia we stopped one time at the P. Buckley Moss art museum/store. It was awesome! Have a great day. Love & blessings from NC!

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