Today is supposed to be “Wordless Wednesday” and I took some great pictures to give you a glimpse of my world….not that I would normally give anyone a look inside when things are as they are….but, I’ve misplaced (hopefully packed) the cord to upload the photos! So, let me see if I can just give you a little idea.

Think boxes. Then think more boxes. Now, think just a few more boxes. Boxes stacked three and four deep in every corner. Boxes completely covering all floor spaces, except for a few very narrow paths that barely fit my less than narrow body.

Then on the counters imagine a jumble of cleaning supplies, various household items, tissues for never-ending sinus issues and two coffee mugs (yes!)…

And there you have it – home sweet home. Well, at least for the next two days. The moving van comes on Friday…..let the adventure begin – and let the boxes be gone!!! (More thoughts on our move tomorrow!) Have mercy.

3 thoughts on “BOXES!

  1. Sounds like my parents house! The work has been finished on it since July but with Mom being sick, we haven't gotten everything moved back yet. I don't even live there and it is driving me crazy! Can't wait to hear about the rest of this adventure!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer, for commenting so faithfully on my blog! You're sweet! I imagine that tonight's Candy Give-Away will go well…and your Hubbie will be very happy if you happen to have some extra candy in your basket…just for him! 🙂
    Hope your move goes smoothly. Living out of boxes is always an adventure. "Now, where did I put _________?" is what I would be saying all day long!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I didn't know you were moving??
    Within the same city or to another state?? Moving is such a joy!! lol
    Lots of work, my heart goes out to you, and hope everything goes well. I will pray all your belongings arrive in perfect condition, and you and the family as well. Keep us posted dear.
    Blessings, Nellie

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