Branson: a Brief Review

Last week we were able to get away for a few days on a short, but long-overdue, vacation.  We flew to Branson Missouri.  Yes, I forgot my phone, the weather was not completely cooperative and there were a few hiccups on the flight home, but, overall, it was a great trip. Truthfully.  We were not gone too long but just enough time to refresh and recharge.  I thought I would share a short recap – mostly, some photos (that our friends were kind enough to share)!  I am definitely not the one to give restaurant reviews but we did visit plenty of restaurants.  In the evenings, we took in several different shows.  Totally geared toward tourists and maybe not “top-notch” entertainment but we laughed a lot and really did enjoy each show.
Let me see if I can share a few pictures – without too much commentary:)
I have always claimed mornings as the best time of the day.  My absolute favorites…and can’t you see why?  The views throughout the week were beautiful but, in the morning, they were breathtaking!
This is the lobby at the resort.  We stayed at the Cliffs at Long Creek and would highly recommend it.
The view from our deck.  I sat out here each morning (with my hot coffee because it was chilly!) to do my devotions – and, yes, it was hard to stay focused.  But it quickly became one of my favorite parts of each day!

We did visit Lamberts – which is a bit of a Branson area landmark restaurant – but we actually enjoyed this restaurant a lot.  We were even repeat diners!  It is called Billy Gails.  Yes, they had enormous portions at breakfast (which I shared my opinion about earlier) but the atmosphere was fun and the service was always great.  It was a nice way to begin our morning.  And, they had coffee!!

As I said, breakfast was big.  This is one person’s meal.  Gulp.

I’m not exactly a museum-type girl – especially while on vacation; however, we did visit the Titanic museum and, again, this is something I would highly recommend.  This museum was not only really pretty but it was educational – and super interesting!  I learned a lot…and was rather stunned and amazed by much of the information.  This was also a great way to spend a long morning when the weather was pouring outside!

I suppose if we had to pick a favorite day/activity, my husband and I would both choose Top of the Rock (although that museum is a close favorite for my husband!)  I’m not sure how to explain Top of the Rock but it is acres of natural beauty.  You take a golf cart tour (self-guided) through it all – stopping as often as you like to ooh and ahh… of which we did plenty!  Further up the mountain, there are several restaurants overlooking a golf course and one of the most picturesque chapels.  You just have to be there to appreciate it:)

The chapel.  Yes, you can get married here!:)

So thankful for this chance to get away.  So blessed by the beauty of creation.  And, as well, so grateful to return home!  If you have stayed with this post all the way to the end – thanks.  And thanks for stopping by the blog.  I will be linking this review at Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share.  Not a typical coffee share post but she has amazing photos and reviews from places she has traveled and the community there is great so thought I would share.  You will enjoy her posts.  You can check it out here.  Here’s to a wonderful weekend ahead, friends!!

16 thoughts on “Branson: a Brief Review

  1. Oh my! That is some gorgeous scenery!! I had no idea how beautiful the area was. Top of the Rock looks amazing. I want to go to Branson now and that is somewhere that I had never thought I wanted to see until this post. So thank you!! I’m glad you had a great time despite some less than great things happening. That is real life. But laughter, spending time with loved ones, eating good food, seeing beautiful scenery are all gifts that I’m thankful God bestowed to you and your husband. Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. Hi Jennifer~ What a fun trip! If actually looked like it was very relaxing, just what a vacation should be! Branson is on my bucket list, and I am looking forward to that day even more now. That breakfast…wow, looks like enough for a crowd! Enjoy your week-end! Hugs, Barb

  3. Jennifer, Thank you for sharing your trip and beautiful photos. I’d appreciate a link back or pingback to my Weekend Coffee Share post. It’s one of the steps to join my weekly linkup. Have a great weekend!

  4. A friend of mine is in Branson this week! Now I feel like I need to pack up and go there!
    I didn’t realize it was so scenic. My husband and I went probably over 30 years ago and
    all I remember is a hilly street lined with shops. I think I need to try it again 🙂

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    I love the quiet of each morning to do my devotional reading.
    My wife and I are new empty nesters and are getting ready to move from California and most likely will follow one of our 3 kids to Montana, but are planning on visiting several states to check things out and explore. Missouri is on our list and the Springfield area in particular appeals because we are both Pentecostal and the Assemblies of God is headquartered there so is highly likely to have some great churches which is important to us. The AG is not strong in California but family was here so this is where we raised our own kids.
    Your photos of the area are stunning and now I’m anxious to make this visit happen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Top of the Rock was always our favorite as well! We haven’t been there in years, but we went there every other year for about four or five times as the boys were growing up. The fall is definitely my favorite time to visit!

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