A Couple Blogs to Check

We are all having a great time with Jordan home! The house feels so much “more right” with children (even big ones) in it! We are on our way out the door to get his glasses fixed – some things never change! – and then, for driving lesson number two! Lesson one went better than I thought…

Just thought I would share a few of my favorite blogs this week. If you haven’t read about Ryan, check here! This little guy has been my hero the past weeks…what a fighter and such a cutie! He turned six months a few weeks ago – and all six months of his life are an amazing miracle. He wasn’t supposed to survive at all….yet, he did great with his first major surgery yesterday – with more to come! I’ve had the chance to meet his mom and sisters while volunteering and have rocked Ryan several times – and each time, he melts my heart. His story is a great one – if not a tear-jerker, too. If you stop by, please tell Leighann you’re praying for all of them!

I also found this recipe for Blueberry Cake at Theres No Place Like Home. Kelli’s blog is so pretty! And I love her recipes – in fact, I’m making the cake for tonight. Ok, so its not exactly football watching food but I’m much more interested in the cake than the wings! (not a wing fan!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! God has been richly blesses me this week…..hope to share some next week!

3 thoughts on “A Couple Blogs to Check

  1. So glad you have been able to feel the blessings of God upon your life this week! I'm sure you have been a wonderful blessing to Ryan and his family as well!

    I've left you a couple of awards on my blog tonight.

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