Currently: April 2020

Hooray for April.  We just enjoyed Easter – which was lovely this year!  There are several birthdays, for family and friends, to anticipate….and even my own:)  We have even discussed the idea of a weekend away for my birthday.  I don’t know if it will actually happen, but isn’t it nice to even discuss those types of plans!?!   The windows are open, the winds have died down and the pollen has yet to coat everything.  A blissful start to this new month.  And time for this month’s “Currently” link-up.  Let’s jump right in.

Currently, I am:

ARRANGING – (and rearranging) flower beds.  In my head.  We removed some things from our back bed and also completely emptied a bed on the side of the house…and now both need to be replanted.  Pinterest is a huge help for ideas but can also be overwhelming.  So many pretty ideas!  Most of which are way past our level of expertise.  We are simple gardeners, at best.  We have enjoyed our local garden store.  They have some super helpful employees who not only have great ideas but also seem to appreciate our amateur status.  I think we have the back bed nailed down…but the side one is still very much a work in progress.  But, it is fun work!  (And, yes, the work on my part is strictly mental.  Just sayin.)

CRAVING – not much.  I am tickled to admit.  As I mentioned in this post, I recently went sugar-free and, just as I had read everywhere, the cravings go away.  It really is amazing.  Sweets, treats, and even dark chocolate.  I really feel as if I could take it or leave it.  So, I’ll just leave it.  I am super skeptical about most things, but especially diets, eating plans, and a lot of the healthy living advice, but if I’m honest, going sugar-free has not been difficult and I truly do feel better.

DISCUSSING – possibilities.  Is it possible that we might be able to go away for a weekend?  To actually take a vacation?  Will international travel actually be a possibility…even this year?  Remember last month’s edition where I was imagining boarding a plane to the UK??:)  We are also discussing some other possibilities for our future.  Things and ideas that, even a year ago, were definitely not even possibilities.  Not sure how any or all of them work out or end up…but it is fun to see the possibilities.  (How many times can I use the word in one paragraph??!)

ENJOYING – the sweet fellowship at my church, the resuming of ministries and fellowship opportunities, and seeing so many “for so long” missed faces at the services.  We even had a sunrise service this past Sunday.  I have only been to one other once before…and that was over thirty years ago, so I’m not sure it counts!  It was a nippy start to the day, to be sure, but it really was a beautiful morning.  Sun just peeking through the clouds.  And then, a Belgian waffle breakfast afterward.  Now that is a nice morning!!:)  Also enjoying fresh laid mulch (so much mulch!!), our first dinner on the patio last night, and sleeping with the windows open.

PREPARING – thoughts/plans/ideas for Mother’s Day and Missions Conference, which is also in May, for my Junior Church kiddos.  They sang on Sunday and did a short Easter program and they are just the sweetest little group. Some mornings, I do feel as if I am herding kittens but what a sweet group of kittens they are:)  When one “project” is finished, my mind seems to immediately jump to the next one.  Definitely can be frustrating sometimes but with these little ones, it really helps to plan ahead and stay way ahead of the curve!!

That’s a wrap.  “Currently” for this month.  I would love to know what you are preparing or discussing.  Certainly what you are enjoying.  Here’s to this month continuing just as lovely as it started!!  You can also read what others are currently doing here.

13 thoughts on “Currently: April 2020

  1. I love your “discussing,” because Possibility was my word of the year in 2018, and it was transformative! I’m grateful that we’re moving into a time with fewer restrictions so that we can explore more possibilities than we could just a few months ago. Everything’s relative, right?! Here’s to whatever it turns out to be for you, whether closer to home or farther away. It will be a start!

    1. Possibility. Sounds like a wonderful word for a year! Thanks for stopping by..and taking the time to comment, Carolyn!

  2. We are discussing a birthday party for my mom this month, just a backyard get together but more than she had last year. I am excited! I am feeling hopeful about this year. Enjoy your gardening, and Happy Birthday early!! I hope you get to do something fun. 🙂

  3. Bravo for going sugar free, and it sounds like it’s been a great success! And I totally get how kids ministry sometimes feels like herding kittens!!

  4. Windows open, vaccines picking up, things blooming… it does make one feel a bit more hopeful about the possibilities! Happy spring 🙂

  5. My blog was not playing nice in time for me to participate in Currently. Dad gum it.
    Glad for your reengagement with church activities. Our church is having its first girls night out in over a year. They are bringing a farmers market to the church for all the ladies to shop and enjoy. Should be fun.
    Hope some of these travel daydreams we are all having can soon come to fruition. My daughters are talking Cancun and I am so wanting to join them.

    1. Oh, wouldn’t Cancun be lovely!! And bringing the farmer’s market to you..what a fun idea!! Have a wonderful time!! Hope you have a great week ahead!!

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