Currently: April 2022

Time for a new “Currently” post – which means it is the beginning of a new month.  Hello, April.  A month for family birthdays (including mine), Easter, spring flowers, greening grass (which has already needed a mowing), and steadily rising temperatures. Hooray! I feel as if I have talked about the weather and/or the beauty of spring’s blooms rather incessantly lately.  I think it truly is in my DNA; however, I will see if I can get my thoughts to go in different directions for these prompts.  But, I make no promise.  Let’s get started.  Currently, I am:

GETTING – excited about my birthday getaway trip.  It is actually much more simply a girlfriend’s long weekend away…but we did rather conveniently plan it to coincide with my birthday.  Four of us are headed to Waco!!  Getting excited is an understatement.  AND I think (think….) the travel mandates will be lifted before we leave.  That definitely excites me as well!!  I’m excited about the VRBO that we reserved.  It is actually “plan b” as the first one we reserved was canceled by the owner…but I really think “plan b” is better than the original one!  I would love to know if you have been to and/or if you have a favorite restaurant in the Waco area.  I reached out to a friend (from blogging) who gave me some great suggestions for places to visit (other than just the silos!) which was so nice.  We have a full itinerary but I’m still looking for restaurant ideas.

GOING – um, to Waco:)  But, some friends and I are also headed to the Bazaar Bizarre – a mega craft show about an hour or so from home.  This multi-day market is held twice a year…in the spring and a Christmas.  I, truthfully, prefer the spring one over the Christmas one.  We used to go regularly until 2019 ruined so many things.  But, it’s back…and we are going!!

PLANNING – well, I don’t suppose I can mention Waco again!:)  I did help a friend plan a bridal shower for her daughter.  The theme is coffee and donuts – which I thought was fun and will be really cute.  I have also been making plans for Easter.  We eat out for Easter and we always seem to enjoy trying something new on this particular Sunday.  I also have a couple of plans for my Junior Church kiddos…and the church is planning an egg hunt for after the service.  I know that will be a lot of fun.  Let’s just hope I am awake…or at least functionally alert.  We will have a sunrise service that morning and, well, I’m an old lady now (remember my birthday? It’s a doozy one!) and sunrise services not only interfere with my routine.  But, they also are EARLY!

POSTING – where?  I am wondering if that means on social media…or, more specifically, on Facebook or Instagram.  That is what I think of when I consider “posting” but I suppose it could mean here on my blog.  The answer there would be random thoughts, small glimpses into my corner of the world and other words that I hope will help us encourage one another.  Not sure if Pinterest counts as posting things (I guess that would be pinning!) but most of my time there involves scouring for ideas to help with Junior Church (especially crafts!  I do not have an original craft idea at all!) or learning what I can about keto.  Lately, that keeps my head spinning.

THINKING – about those who are so suffering in Ukraine.  About those who are, literally, risking their lives to try and bring aid.  And, thinking about all that I so often take for granted here.  I’m quick to complain.  Too quick.  Shameful, to be sure.  But my life is very blessed and, at least for now, I enjoy freedom and privileges that I don’t think I can truly appreciate.

I think that wraps up the”Waco edition” of Currently:).  You can check out the rest of the link-up here.  It will be interesting to see what everyone else is planning…or thinking. Thanks for stopping by.  As always, I hope you will come back often and here’s to a lovely month ahead!

14 thoughts on “Currently: April 2022

    1. Jennifer, so glad you found your way to the blog…and thanks for commenting! Nice to meet you!!:)

  1. I have never been to Waco (or anywhere in Texas except a lay over in Dallas which probably doesn’t count!). It sounds like a fun trip! Happy Birthday in advance (assuming it hasn’t happened yet). I enjoy reading all of your blog posts- from the fun to the deep and everything in between.

    1. Aw, thanks so much! Such a sweet comment….you made my day:) (and my birthday is at the end of the month…thanks for the nice wishes!)

  2. Oh, have a fun trip to Waco and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate. And yes, my heart has been with Ukraine as well. It’s so horrible what’s happening there and I feel so powerless to do anything.

  3. A trip to Waco sounds fantastic. I’m sure you gals will have a great time. And how cool that you like “plan b” better. I think staying in VRBO or AirB&B is so much fun…so much better than a hotel. I hope you have a really wonderful birthday. May it be the first day of a beautiful new year of life.


    1. Good morning, friend, and glad you stopped by today! Thank you for your birthday encouragement. I do pray the next year ahead will be a beautiful one!!

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