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It seems I just wrote November’s “Currently” post – which ended up being what I affectionately called the “my husband fell and busted his knee” edition of Currently.  How can we already be (just about) a month out from that quick fall that abruptly changed our plans, our routines and, it feels like, just about everything to some degree or another??  But here we are.  Not only “post” emergency and post-surgery, but even post-Thanksgiving!!  Indeed, there is much to be thankful for in just these last few weeks…and, of course, way beyond.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And that the sense of gratitude continues.  I know all thoughts and hearts have turned to Christmas but, certainly, that is truly what we are thankful for!  Our savior.  Thanksgiving really does help put Christ’s miraculous birth and all that comes with the Christmas season into perspective.  Without further rambling, here is this month’s Currently edition as we begin to look toward Christmas:)

I am currently:

BAKING – oh my.  Nothing.  Isn’t that the saddest?  I really do not do a lot of baking because I am the one who does (just about) all of the eating of any baking around here.  I do usually make one or two requested favorites but will probably wait until it gets a little closer to my son’s return.

DECORATING – less than I usually do.  Because my daughter has really jumped in and done so much!!  I feel, in a way, I’m passing a torch.  And I am perfectly okay with that.  I have helped out some (I can’t help myself!) but it has been so nice having help!!

GIFTING – by (good old USPS) mail!  I know I should order online and simply have things shipped but I just cannot embrace it.  Of course, I never thought I would be sitting while someone else decorated either, so who knows what could happen next year?  But for now, I love to wrap the gifts and make packages that (hopefully) will be as much fun to receive as the gift itself!

HOPING – my husband continues to recover so well from his fall and that he will be even more mobile for Christmas.  We do not have tons of plans while our son is home but anything we do, I know he will enjoy himself more if he can get the okay for his brace not to be locked at zero all day every day!  We are so grateful for the progress he has made so far…but he looks forward to a little bend in his knee.  And a full night’s sleep!!

SENDING – those aforementioned Christmas gifts:)  As well as the best of wishes for everyone to have a beautiful holiday!  Change can be difficult and, sometimes, can be disappointing.  But change can also be a gift.  Find the gift in whatever is different for you this year.  Christmas is still Christmas.  Time to rehearse, to delight in and to share the miracle of Christ’s birth!!  Happy December, friends, and Merry Christmas!!


12 thoughts on “Currently: December 2020

  1. It was hard for me to scoot over and allow my sister to help with Thanksgiving dinner. I am a control freak it seems. But her pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes were scrumptious. And it was fabulous having more hands for clean up afterward.

    I like touching, seeing the gifts I give but have become more comfortable buying through Amazon and Target to send to family. It just doesn’t make sense for me to send things here and then pay postage to send them on to the recipient. And our stores have been closed and open and closed and open. I do enjoy wrapping, too, though. Wish both daughters were going to be under our roof for the holidays.

    Hope your husband continues to make great progress in his rehab and is able to do most of the things, if not all, he would like to do while your son is home.

  2. jen … its was another great read ….love catching up with you
    …thanks for sharing …praying for your hubby too… still don’t have my decorations up … got them out!!!! (thanks to our son ) … making slow progress this year …

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