Hello December!!  I love a new month.  The flip of a calendar page just gives me a “fresh start” feeling.  A mental reset – of attitude and perspective.  Of course, flipping the calendar to December brings its own kind of excitement as well.  I have already seen some snow and the flannel sheets are feeling just wonderful lately.  The countdown is on for Jordan’s trip home and a few other holiday events are on the calendar as well.  Christmas is in the air:)  And time for a look at things “Currently” in December – a monthly link-up with Anne.  Let’s get started.  Currently, I am

DECORATING – cue…” it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas“!  I started my decorating yesterday and will finish up this morning.  It takes two days – not because I have too much but I apparently am not as young as I used to be.  Goodness, but I ran out of gas last night.  But I’ve tucked a few of our favorite things here and there.  We are two old people – but the decorations do make our hearts smile.  Last year we did a purge and fine-tuning of our Christmas things.  Opening the bins this year has been nice.  Just the things we really enjoy and not a lot of “stuff” we have to rummage and sort through.  I also made a nice junk of change at the consignment store last month – which also makes my heart happy:)

FEELING – rather on top of things – holiday-wise – right now.  As I mentioned, it is just the two of us.  Remove school commitments and the extra activities when you have children, and we no longer have work schedules to juggle and well, the holidays may look different but they certainly are not stressful.  Don’t get me wrong, I so enjoyed all the extra holiday events, excitement, travel, parties, planning, and joy when my kiddos were young, but this season of life has its perks as well!  We really enjoyed our Thanksgiving out of town – just the two of us.  It was a change of tradition but I think it could easily become a new tradition.  Right now, I’m all about new traditions.  We (as a family) have a couple of new ideas for this Christmas as well.  We will see how they go….but I’m rather excited about the idea of some new.  New traditions.  New gifts…..:)

SENDING – nothing.  Oh boy.  (Maybe I should simply skip the prompts for which I really have no answer.)  But we do not send Christmas cards.  I really do not understand the whole Christmas card concept, but that’s just me.  We also do not have any gifts that have to be mailed or otherwise delivered.  Sorry Amazon.  Everything is gifted in person…which I love. For multiple reasons.

SMELLING – the best hand-poured soaps – in holiday scents – that I recently bought at a local Christmas bazaar.  They are amazing.  I also have some essential oils that I love this time of year, and a few candles but I enjoy my diffuser much more. There are so many “scents of the season” to enjoy but peppermint is my favorite.  Classic, I know, oh but I love it.  In oil blends.  In lotions and soaps.  In my tea – yum – or in cookies.  Oh, and in CFA milkshakes.  Just sayin.

WRAPPING – nothing yet.  I have everything I need to get this chore done – and this is definitely one thing I consider a chore – and every evening I think I will knock out, at least, a few boxes while I watch a Hallmark movie.  But it doesn’t happen.  I have no excuse but it does beg the question:  what is up with the Hallmark movies?  They have been wildly disappointing.  I’ll just leave it at that but we could definitely use some suggestions for holiday classics to try.  Any suggestions?

Hate to close this on a negative note.  No whining in December.  But I would love to know how you are feeling as this new month starts and all thoughts turn toward Christmas.  How did you keep your heart in check and your focus where you want it to be?  I always look forward to your comments.  And check out the rest of the “Currently” posts here.  Here’s to a beautiful, joy-filled month ahead!!

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  1. What a good feeling to purge some things and only use your favorite things while decorating. I am trying to do better at that when I put away seasonal/holiday items. If I didn’t use it this year, I probably need to sell or donate it. I love hearing how you are beginning new traditions. We will be empty nesters next year so I wonder how things will change in the future for us. I also need to wrap while watching some Hallmark movies. I agree with you on those, but my favorite so far this season has been Next Stop, Christmas. Looks like there are lots more to air before the end of the year! Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Empty nesters next year? Yes, indeed, there is change in the future my friend. But not all bad change:) I agree – Next Stop, Christmas was one we really enjoyed this year!! Glad you stopped by…have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I seem to purge a few decorations each year; making sure to only put out those things I really love or have the perfect spot for. My only regret was that I couldn’t put up my village this year and would have liked to but we got rid of the table I usually put it on! I figure we’ll have a whole year to come up with a plan for next Christmas.

    1. Keeping – and using – just the things we love really makes a difference. I hope you find just the perfect solution for your village next year. I know several who have such pretty (and elaborate) ones. I’ve always admired them but never started one. It will be extra special for you next year:)

  3. I am not loving the newest Hallmark movies we’ve seen thus far this year either 🙁 And I need to purge some decorations. It’s time to let some of them go…

  4. We are down to just one kiddo at home; being less busy truly does have its perks. I have lots of good memories from years past and now I have… more time (and still see my college kids pretty frequently since they aren’t too far away). I have a bin full of Christmas decor that I haven’t used in a couple of years. I haven’t thrown anything out. I am at the stage where I am holding onto things in case my kids want them they are on their own and not wanting to spend a lot of money to decorate. It will be nice to get rid of the unused things… hopefully soon! I have been off and on about Christmas cards throughout the years. This year is an “on” year and I am looking forward to receiving the cards I ordered so I can send them out. Definitely shouldn’t do things this time of year that don’t sound lovely :). Have a great day!

    1. Having some decor to share/pass on to your children is a great idea. And special. My children did not seem to want any – sigh. Hope those cards come out nice – that you ordered. Enjoy all the other holiday things you enjoy and choose to do this year. Yes, some things are “on” and “off”…and that okay:) Glad you stopped by…have a great weekend ahead!!

  5. I love the smell of peppermint too, and it gets frequent use in my diffuser. My husband absolutely hates the smell though, so I have to save it for when he’s at work! And it must feel so good to have simplified your Christmas decorations, it’s amazing how much stuff we gather over the years!

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