Currently: January 2022

And, just like that, the new year is here!  Time for the first link-up of the year.  Time for the first “Currently” edition.  Ok, yes, the first of just about everything in 2022….including our first snowstorm of the year which caught everyone in our area just a little by surprise.  Snow was certainly in the forecast but many around town received triple what was predicted!  As I write this (24 hours later), hundreds are still stranded on the interstate (something I totally do not understand) and many others are without heat and/or electricity.  We are very fortunate and were not personally impacted by the snow very much at all.  However, I do believe winter has settled in for the foreseeable future.  My grand pup’s opinion of her winter coat pretty much mirrors my own thoughts toward winter as a whole!!  “Is this really necessary??”

Moving right along….let’s get started.  Currently, I am

ANTICIPATING – if I am honest, more of the same.  Which can easily make me discouraged.  I work hard at staying positive and even encouraged.  It is a continual mental exercise.  But, if I am honest, I don’t anticipate big, positive changes for a while.  I was recently blessed – and challenged – by this post from Karen at Simply Soul Searching.  It helped me keep things in perspective.

ORGANIZING – my Pinterest boards.  Is that weird?  I have a few boards that I never use and those were easy to edit.  But I also have so many pins.  At some point, I must have thought they were worth saving but many (um, most), I don’t even remember.  So, I am revisiting.  Weeding and deleting ones that no longer interest me or apply.  I’m sure, to some, that sounds as goofy as alphabetizing your spice jars but it is oddly satisfying to my organizing soul.

READING – a couple of different Bible reading plans.  I don’t intend to stick with all of them but I just could not settle on “the one” before the new year began.  So, I’m giving several a chance.  Those of you who read their Bible daily – do you use a plan?  If so, are you enjoying a specific one this year?  I wasn’t sure I even wanted to use a plan, or a reading schedule, this year.  I have for the past few years but am ready for something different.  But I do want to be purposeful with my Bible reading time which just seems to suggest a schedule.  Hmmm.  What to do?

RESOLVING – to get outside every day…if even for just a little bit.  I know that may not seem like much to many but it is a true challenge for this summer-loving girl.   And now, there is snow on the ground and temperatures hovering around freezing.  Yes, I have definitely set myself a challenge.  And, so far…so good!!  I am shocked myself.  Not only have I been walking (short walks, to be sure) but I am actually enjoying them.  Who knew?  and who am I?

SCHEDULING – blog posts.  Again – who am I?  I have read (many, many times) about the necessity of pre-planning your posts.  I’ve often heard others talk about the benefit of doing just that.  Scheduling blog posts.  But I have always resisted.  I have no idea why other than succumbing to the non-conformist side of my heart.  Scheduling equals planning.  And organizing. And so many other things I love…and, still, I am so late to the game.  I have no idea if it will make any difference in my blog (ie, the part you read) but I really think it is going to be a gamechanger for me behind the scenes!

I would love to do what you are organizing.  Or scheduling.  Do you schedule your blog posts?  I would really like to know what you are reading as well – and not just through the Bible.  More reading is one more thing I am resolving this year:)  Give me some suggestions.  You can see what others are currently doing as well by visiting Anne’s blog.  Happy Wednesday, friends!

13 thoughts on “Currently: January 2022

  1. Thank you, Jennifer, for including my post, but most of all, for your inspirational ideas! I am going to note some of these to do myself (my Pinterest needs some work, too). I feel fortunate to have connected with you; your friendship and your writing are blessings in my life.

    1. Thank you, Karen. Such a sweet comment. Great encouragement!! I look forward to visiting and connecting more in the year ahead!

  2. That sounds like a LOT of snow! Lovely to look at but not so good when the roads are blocked and you need to get somewhere. I remember once when our children were little we had the worst snow ever and Paul didn’t get home from work until about 3am. All the main roads from London to where we live were totally gridlocked. It was also before we all had mobile phones so I had no idea where he was. It was awful.
    Pleased to hear the weather is not stopping you from enjoying time outdoors – I am a firm believer that a little bit of fresh air does you the world of good. And every cold day we have is one day closer to spring and warmer weather!

  3. That is crazy about how much more snow your area received than was expected. We may get snow tomorrow (the chances keep dwindling as tomorrow gets closer, lol. It was a 70% chance, then 50% now there’s a 30% chance). I am starting a Bible reading plan to read the Bible in one year. I picked up a paper at church which has every day of the year listed and then the reading for that day. I am already slightly behind but I can catch up! I will be curious to know how the scheduling of your blog posts go- what you think of it, if it was stressful to try to stay on schedule, etc. I wish I could be disciplined enough to even try to think of doing something like that but unfortunately, it is not in the cards for me for right now with my blog. But I do think it’s a great idea to try and as a reader of your blog, I look forward to knowing when your posts are coming.

  4. I have started a chronological Bible reading plan a few times but have never completed it. I think I need some motivation or accountability to keep at it. And I do try to schedule my blog posts but I’m sometimes scrambling the night before, or the morning of, to finish them. It helps if I take a chunk of time on the weekends to pre-write posts for the week but sometimes I run out of time.

    1. Pre-writing posts really is super helpful – but something I need to get (much) better at!! Thanks for your suggestions and advice, Natasha!!

  5. Getting outside each day is one of my goals too. For me, the challenge is the weather being too hot, but getting out in the snow would have a whole other set of challenges! I’m not doing a Bible reading plan, but I started reading the Bible chronologically last year – I’m up to 2 Samuel now so I’ll just continue this year! Hopefully you can find the reading plan that works best for you. Happy New Year!

    1. Way to go – up to II Samuel! I hope it is another great year of reading! Happiest new year wishes to you, too!

  6. I love that you are organizing your Pinterest boards. Just the other day I was looking for something and could find where I had pinned it. So I can see myself doing it – if there ever is time. I need to organize other things first. So much clutter, so much stuff …

    I have been scheduling post for the last 7 years or so. Not all of them but about 50%. I usually only find time writing posts on the weekend and if I manage to write more than one I do schedule. And when I partake in the NaBloPo Mo challenge then I schedule for sure. Or posts that are planned for certain topics around a certain date. So I love it but I am not as strict as I need to plan out the next weeks in advance.

    1. Thanks for the help and encouragement. I’ve just started with the pre-planning of my posts…but already see how beneficial it is!!

  7. I really want to do better about writing posts ahead of time and getting them scheduled so I don’t feel stressed when LIFE attempts to derail my best laid plans.

    I love Pinterest. I don’t always revisit everything I have shared to a board but it is my favorite way of saving craft ideas, recipes, books, lesson plans, etc. Probably ought to weed through my pins, too. I used to be extra careful about not duplicating them but who knows what I have now…I have pinned so much.

    That photo of the lantern is gorgeous. I am hopeful we will at least get a dusting of snow this weekend.

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