Currently: January 2023

Currently.  Time for this month’s Currently post and, well, currently I am way behind schedule.  Feeling rushed to get this posted.  And feeling a tad out of sorts.  But no need to focus on the negative….let’s jump right into today’s post.  Get this train back on the tracks!  Currently, I am….

 loving – the return to “normal” or at least as normal as it is going to be for me.  Christmas was wonderful and December was fun but,  by the end of the year, I am done.  Just depleted and last week was a great week of reset for me.  I’m starting off January feeling much more like myself and with life looking well, normal.  I don’t see things staying this way too terribly long so, for now, I am loving these simple, easy days of life!  The unseasonably warm and comfortable weather does a lot help as well.  Temperatures in the the 60’s?  I’m lovin’ it!!:)

resolving  – to get out more.  Literally – to get out of my house.  I have always considered myself a “homebody.”  (Interestingly, I just looked up the definition for homebody.  The dictionary says, “one whose life centers on home.”  I like it. Maybe I should embrace that a bit more….)  I enjoy being at home and, honestly, I can withdraw and isolate far too easily.  It isn’t the worst thing but I know doing so is not always the best for me.  Mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Winter is (for sure and for certain) not the time to strain myself mentally or emotionally….so staying too cozy inside all winter (as lovely as it sounds) is not the best for me.

organizing – next Christmas.  Is that crazy?  But I did so last year and it make such a difference last month.  Knowing exactly what is in each bin and, especially, having a bin of things to consign next November is a gamechanger.  Wanting to just “be done” with Christmas, a huge part of me is eager to just dump everything in the bins and close them tight.  But I’m forcing myself to do it right…and well organized.  I will thank myself later!

anticipating – some challenging things in the month ahead.  I’m not sure if I will be sharing them here on the blog but they do impact much.  Well, just about everything.  I may not always stick to my posting schedule and/or be on the computer and visiting blogs as much as I enjoy.  But, it will not last forever and, as well, I am anticipating God doing good (and great) things for me and my family in the weeks ahead!

eating – more fruit!  That is my roundabout way of saying that I have broken up with keto.  Well, I am trying my best.  It is amazing how quickly – and how deeply – the ideas/principles/rules of keto became engrained in me!!  Stepping away from keto (and how I am trying to refocus my eating) is at least another entire post.  Or twenty.  For now, let’s just say I am really enjoying some fruit again.  Woo hoo!!

So, what are you currently eating?  Way less sugar?  I heard a lot of resolutions that seemed to suggest that:)  I’d love to hear from you and how your month is going “currently”!  And read the rest of the link-up here.  Thanks, Jen, for hosting this one each month!!  One last thing:  I’m also “currently” enjoying the last of my Christmas flowers.  The roses’ edges are dying but they look like I somehow tinted them way.  I thought they were pretty even as they fade away.  Happy Wednesday, friends!







3 thoughts on “Currently: January 2023

  1. I’m a homebody too. 🙂
    I don’t eliminate any foods from my diet but eat things I like in moderation. That with my walking works for me and I’ve been doing it for years and years.
    Praying and hope things are going well for you. 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer~ I’m with you, I’m ready to start the new year and move forward. My tree is down, everything is clean and cleaned up, I have tried keto so many times, and it never seems to last, so I understand the mindset thing. I’m that way with ww, I still find myself counting points! So far, my month is going okay. I’m going to be having some surgery on the 11th, and so I’m trying to prepare my brain for that ;0) Have a great week! Hugs

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