Currently: June 2019

Back in March, I started a new series of posts…”Currently” – a look at a few things that would currently describe my life.  But that series didn’t really get past the first month.  So, time to revisit, and restart, that idea.  Onward and forward with the latest installment of my life, currently.

I am reading.  Still plugging along with my Mitford series.  I just finished book five but have been perplexed by book six.  In the first five books, the main characters have met, married and even moved on to a new place and new adventures.  All wonderful.  However, book six is about their marriage??  A complete repeat (recap, perhaps) of their meeting, courtship, wedding, etc.  Why?  The (very strong) rule follower within me enjoys reading books in order – especially books in a series – and this book should come between books two and three.  I will probably skip it and move one.  But there is that rule follower thing again.  Skipping books is a challenge.

I am enjoying.  Morning coffees on the patio.  This is something I look forward to with every change of seasons – especially when winter fades away and mornings begin to get warm enough to sit outside.  Then summer mornings are wonderful.  The long days, with early sunrises, have us up extra early and mornings outside are perfect….before the heat of the day is oppressive.  Often, we end our days in the same spot.  Apparently, it is our happy place:)

I have been busy.  Trying new recipes from Pinterest.  My interest in all those pins comes and goes.  Lately, I have been enjoying looking through my “old” pins.  Deleting ones that no longer interest me (funny how that happens) but especially trying some of the recipes.  There have been several places and events where I have been able to take a dish or treat lately, so that helps.  I do enjoy baking – but I have to be able to share and pass the sweets along!  There have been some really yummy ones.  And, yes, a couple “can delete that” ones:(  The best ones I have pinned under “Tested, Tried and Tasty!”

I am looking forward to…vacation time.  We typically take our vacation in the fall.  September, usually.  The weather is perfect, school is back in and our anniversary is in the middle of the month.  So, fall has become our go-to vacation time.  However, we get the itch to get away every once in a while.  Just for short trips…and a change of scenery.  And we are feeling it now.  Hopefully, we will get away in July.  Maybe even with some friends – which is always fun!  I have been planning and looking into details…which is almost as fun as the actual trip.  I hope it all comes together!  Are you going on vacation?  I would love fun ideas for trips not too terribly far from the east coast – places we can drive to in a day.

Leave a comment and let me know what you have been up to…currently!

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