Currently: June 2022

Well, hello June!  Somehow, it is just a bit extra exciting when this monthly post – that signals a new month – actually starts on the first day of the month.  I love new beginnings.  New day.  New week.  And, each new month.  A flip of the calendar page that offers a fresh beginning.  So, let’s get going with June’s “Currently” thoughts.  Last month this time, I was just returning from my Texas trip.  Nothing nearly as exciting this month (goodness, I have not even shared photos from the trip here on the blog!?) but it is still fun to look back at May with Anne’s suggested prompts.  With that, I am currently:
CELEBRATING – weddings.  I guess it is wedding season:)  I have several wedding invitations (not sure I will be able to attend them all) as well as quite a few bridal showers to attend this month.  Have you noticed how unique weddings have become?  By unique, I mean personalized.  As individual as the bride and groom.  Way back in the day (when I was planning a wedding), there was a rather standard format/protocol for weddings.  A bride simply inserted her colors and went with the program.   In fact, unknowingly, my best friend and I each chose the same bridesmaid dresses – in different colors.  (They were really pretty dresses!)  There just were not one million to choose from.  Today, everything is….well, unique:)
GIVING – myself a pat on the back for sticking with the Keto lifestyle.  I was two pounds short of my goal for month two…but I’m seriously beginning to see (and enjoy) eating low-carb as a lifestyle and not another diet.  As in, a diet I hope will be over soon.  Yes, keto is very restrictive (when it comes to carbs) and I think it will be nice when I can include a few more carbs in my day; however, I really cannot imagine eating anything more than “low carb.”  It is super healthy and I feel, well healthy!
TAKING – several overnight trips throughout the summer (hopefully, one each month) as opposed to one full vacation.  We enjoy longer trips in the fall – after school goes back.  We have (very) tentative plans for a trip to Branson in October but we are looking forward to getting away a bit this summer, too.  This month, we are going back to Lancaster.  No doubt, one of our favorite places to visit and it has been too long since we last went – so we are excited.  I am also taking a bit of an inventory of my pantry.  I have never been one to buy in bulk, to stock a pantry or to “prep” in any way; however, I have been hearing and reading so much lately about doing so.  So much interesting information, but I’m not sure what I think about it all.  Do you consider yourself a “prepper” or are you stocking your pantry?  I would be interested to know your thoughts.
TRYING – to find an exercise and/or exercise routine that I actually enjoy.  Clearly, I have bemoaned plenty (even here on the blog – but you should hear me in person!) that I do not like exercising.  But, if my goal is a healthier me (to be my healthiest self), I know this body needs to move.  To exercise.  Yes, to help my weight loss but for so many other reasons.  I know all the benefits.  I know all the reasons.  I just dread it.  At this point, my attitude is probably defeating me as much as anything.  But, I am determined to keep trying.  This month I have committed to walking.  Every day.  (Shoot me.)  But I do want to experiment with some other things.
WEARING – a lightweight but long-sleeved cardigan.  On again.  Off again.  If the ac is blowing right on me…cardigan goes on.  But, if I’m busy and, especially if I step outside…cardigan comes right off.  It’s a process that is repeated far too times each day.  I did find the perfect one, though, earlier this year.  It is white so goes with everything.  Is a perfect weight and sits back on my shoulders (an interesting, if not a bit odd fit) so doesn’t really feel like I am wearing an extra layer.  Just covers my bare arms.  Yeah.  Interesting side story:  the weather has been unseasonably warm here.  More like August temperatures than May.  You will rarely hear me complain about warm weather.  I will take 90plus temps over winter anything.  But, I will admit, it has been toasty.  We replaced our ac unit a couple of months back (we knew last summer that it was a goner) and we have been oh so grateful for that air conditioning.  Apparently, the weather is all relative.  My son has had unusually warm weather, as well, in Anchorage.  Or, so he says.  It is in the mid to high 70s….and all the Alaskans are talking about the heat!:)  He does not have ac but I still have trouble thinking of 72 as oppressive!  I guess you have to be there!  The photo above is one that he took this past weekend.  He was at a rodeo with friends….and, apparently, they were all “dying” of the heat!!  Um, I see snow in the background:)
Here’s to a beautiful month ahead!  I’m glad you stopped by today.  Let me know what you have been celebrating.  I always enjoy your comments!

14 thoughts on “Currently: June 2022

  1. I love celebrating on Memorial day…I know that may sound strange, but we’ve always made a big deal out of the day. It’s such an honorable day! We have a huge flag pole in our front yard, so we lower the flags and we used to go to a Memorial day event with my dad when the boys were younger. I’m also celebrating the start of summer! I don’t love the hot, hot temps, but if I’m in a pool, I’m all good. 😉 This was a great post! I hope your day is wonderful, my friend, and Happy June to you!

    1. Hooray for celebrating Memorial Day. I enjoyed your post on Monday, too! Happy June wishes to you as well!!

  2. That is great to eat healthier and try to exercise more. It is a struggle I think a lot of us can relate to, so it is good to encourage each other here. It is fun to look forward to some trips as well. Have a great day!

    1. Encouraging each other is such a wonderful benefit of blogging!! So glad you stopped by today…and thanks for the (encouraging) comment!:)

  3. I’m trying to find more ways to exercise myself this summer. However, I do a couple of dance classes that are a lot of fun. I find group settings are sometimes better because it’s more accountability. hah


    1. I think you are right – accountability definitely helps! Wonder if I can convince a friend close to home to walk with me??:)

  4. I also struggle to keep up with exercising, and finding ways to keep moving that I enjoy. I do like walking but have been limited lately – hoping to remedy that soon! Congrats on sticking to the eating program and seeing results!

  5. Low carb is a hard lifestyle to follow..I’m glad it works for you!
    Can I suggest Pilates? It’s low-impact, you can do it anywhere/anytime, and there’s so much out there online. The results are REAL.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Kristin! I actually tried Pilates once (too long ago) but I enjoyed it (as I can remember)…I will have to try it again!!

  6. Maybe I should move to Alaska as that weather sounds perfect to me. I’m trying to walk a mile 3 or 4 times a week. But I really need to get better at the low carb eating as per my doctor visit today.

    1. I think the weather sounds pretty perfect – at least, right now. The winters would do me in though!!:)

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