Currently: June 2024

Hello friends and hello to June!  Several of you mentioned in my last post that May had been busy….and June looked to be just as busy!  Welcome to all the fun that is  summertime! At least I hope that is what is keeping everyone busy.  June looks to be fun for me as well.  I am actually writing this post a bit beforehand as I will be out of town when this goes up on Monday.  I will be out of town all week and do not anticipate any posts past Monday.  I do not plan to take my computer with me and will probably not be checking into emails very often.  I will be “out of the office”!:)  I do hope you will come back, though, on the 13th….we will have much to catch up on:)  But, for today, let me get this month’s Currently post completed.  As alwasy, the rest of the link-up can be found on Jen’s blog on Wednesday.  Ok…currently, I am

LOVING – the idea of vacation.  Some girltime away.  I had planned (for months) to go be with my friend and help her after some surgery.  But, literally, in the last 72 hours, her plans have changed.  Long story but the surgery has been postponed.  But I already had a plane ticket and, believe me, we are going to make the most of it.  I was eager to get away (even to just spend time with her at home) but now that she will actually be mobile – well, the possiblilities are endless:)  I will also see another longtime friend (college roommate – so, yes, looooongtime friend) while I am away.

I also love packing.  Is that weird?  Mind you, I do NOT enjoy unpacking.  I am the one who leaves the suitcase in the middle of the floor for far too long after I return home.  But – the packing/preparing to go??  Now, that I enjoy.  I enjoy the planning and coordinating outfits.  I like making (mental) lists and I especially love the challenge of getting everything neatly in a carry-on.  I love seeing how much room I can actually have left over.  If any.  I know – totally geeky but that’s okay:)

LOOKING FORWARD TO – um….see above paragraph.  But I will add that my friend decided we should go away for a couple of days.  I mean go away while I am away.  As in, I will go to North Carolina and half way through the week, we are going to Gatlinburg for a couple of days.  I love friends who think like that!!  To say I am looking forward to it would be an understatement, to be sure.  Oh, and I am for sure and for certain looking forward to seeing this cutie in just a few days!!  He doesn’t remember me (its been a year since I was there last)…but we are sure going to have fun getting to know each other all over again!!

ENJOYING – our patio – almost as much (and a tad more) than we have our front porch in the past.  Well, maybe it is a tie.  We have spruced things up a bit (I need to get some photos) and our trees outside the fence have grown to a perfect height providing us with shade but still allowing sun in the morning and again in the late evening so that everything is blooming so well.  We took up one bush that was just too large for the space and a bit of nuisance actually, and we planted a lilac bush yesterday.  I hope it does well and can’t wait for all the blooms next spring.  I even found a cute outdoor rug (at Aldi of all places) and it adds a nice pop of color.  A girl with an outdoor rug…who am I?  Now I just need to invite some guests over for a cold drink and a chat.  Would you like to come??

SEEING – signs for yard sales everywhere…especially community yard sales.  My goodness.  Yard sales.  You either love them or you don’t.  I am definitely in the don’t category.  I don’t go to yard sales but I really do not enjoy participating in them.  I won’t belabor my reasons because I know so many are fans but, for all you fans, I hope your area is as full of sales on the lawn (or in the garage etc) as it is in my neck of the woods.  Random thought here but that is what came to mind when I saw this prompt.

LOUNGING AROUND IN – well, not a bathing suit!!  My friend asked me to bring a suit since she has a pool in her backyard.  But I don’t own a bathing suit but, simply because she is a bestie, I ordered two from Amazon.  They arrived on Saturday and were definite NOs.  Like I thought I could pick with just two options.  I think bathing suit shopping would require at least three dozen options.  Anyhoo, there was no time left for reordering, etc., so I will not be heading to North Carolina with a bathing suit.  I suppose I could shop while I was down there but why would I want to ruin such a great vacation?  Bathing suit shopping is the WORST!  I’m actually not one for having certain clothes to “lounge around in.”  I get dressed right after I get up in the morning and don’t change again until time to go to bed.  The only exception is Sunday afternoons but that all depends.  I’m pretty sure if I got too comfy – and too loung-y – I would be very unproductive and never get a thing done!

I hope your week ahead is, indeed, a productive.  Loungewear or not.  I hope you also have some time for fun..and that there will be a blessing or two that you had not anticipated!  Please stop by the blog again once I return from vacation!!  All the best my friends…..

8 thoughts on “Currently: June 2024

  1. Yay for vacation week! I hope your friend is okay, since she’s having surgery; but what a gift to be able to spend time together while she’s mobile and not recovering. I love that you’re going to Gatlinburg! I know you have an amazing time, and I’ll look forward to reading about it next week. I smiled when I read what you had to say about lounging around. I do like to do this on my days off work and if I’m staying home all day, but I don’t wear pajamas. I just wear leggings and a t-shirt, because I never dress like that if I go out in public. Because so many people are always in and out of our home, I have to be dressed and decent almost one hundred percent of the time. You know what I’m saying, even if I’m not writing about certain clothing items. 😉 It feels good to have one day for that, but I really enjoy getting dressed each day! I’ll see you back here next week, my friend. Much love, and happy vacation!

  2. Enjoy your trip! Should be fun…
    I haven’t owned a bathing suit since my 40’s…lolol…not starting now!
    Love the photo of the baby!! Adorable!

  3. That’s so fun that you love packing (which I don’t) but I do enjoy unpacking, quickly sifting through things, tossing things into the laundry, and airing the bags out before loading them away for our next adventure.

    And yes please to a lovely patio, refreshing breezes, and loved ones to share them with. Happy weekend to come, friend!

  4. How exciting to have that vacation time to spend with friends! I hope you have the best time – even if you don’t have a swimsuit! Have a great week!

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