Currently: March 2021

Ah!!  Welcome, March!  I am always thrilled to welcome March.  To turn the calendar page and say good-bye to February…and this year was no exception.  And to do so on a Monday (new day, new week, new month – so exciting!) makes it just that much more wonderful!  There is nothing exactly magical about March – other than the first day of spring!  It is the end of February that I always appreciate.  Hopefully, the end of winter’s worst.

Moving on.  The beginning of a new month also means it is time for a “Currently” link-up.  I am determined this installment will have no thoughts, sentiments, woes, or subtle (not so subtle) commentary regarding covid.  It seems so much of life is viewed through that lens and I am (so very) ready for a different lens.  A fresh perspective.  So, let’s begin.  This might prove to be more of a challenge than I imagine.  Nevertheless, currently, I am:

CHOOSING – to take my thoughts captive.  To stop the negative ones.  To redirect the downward-spiraling ones.  Choosing joy, praise and gratitude.  It sounds lovely and may even seem simple.  But, I can testify, it is harder than you think.  For me, especially in winter.  What is so stinkin hard about winter??  In so many ways!  It takes purposeful thinking.  Retraining and continued resolve.   It is very much a spiritual exercise….but can be done with scripture, the Holy Spirit’s help, and daily surrender.

IMAGINING – boarding a plane that takes me non-stop to the UK…where I check into a quaint character-filled cottage.  Perhaps with a thatched roof, maybe not, but definitely with wisteria growing outside and a sun-drenched kitchen diner inside.  Each morning, after tea and a delicious scone, of course, I would wander through different villages in search of nothing in particular except to enjoy my idyllic life in England.  Or Wales.  And, if my imagination is allowed to continue, I would stumble across the perfect little spot and simply choose to stay!!:)

MAKING – plans for Easter with my Junior Church kiddos.  They will be reciting a small program and then singing.  Small props – cute, decorative eggs – are being made for them to hold.  The short program is written.  It is the song that has proven to be the most challenging.  Who knew?  We have had a hard time finding childrens’ Easter songs.  It will come together, for sure, and I look forward to these opportunities to sing – and perform:) – as much as the children do!  They are such a joy!!

RECOMMENDING – a few of my favorite things lately:  rose essential oil (I have never been a fan of floral scents but lately, I am completely entranced with rosehip oil and a few drops of rose essential oil!!), this book:  7 Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates by Susan U Neal (highly recommend), scripture writing (new to me and not quite a habit yet but very beneficial), tea instead of coffee, and BritBox (our go-to source for watching tv).

WEARING – well, the wrong shoes.  Ugh.  I really do not have proper footwear for winter – not a snow boot in sight! – but tend to get by because I just don’t venture out that often in winter weather.  But spring is a different story.  Still chilly and very wet.  No need for snow boots but certainly not (cute, spring) flats weather!  I really need to do some shoe shopping.  No doubt, the stores are full of flip-flops by now!  Another shoe I do not wear.  Definitely a dilemma:)

Definitely a dilemma I will take – especially if it means spring is on the way!  The melty puddles.  The muddy patches all over.  The yard and flowerbeds begging to be tended.  The return of songbirds and their insatiable appetite at our feeders!  (We go through the birdseed!) I’ll take it all.  Each and every little sign of spring!  Bring them on.  And hooray!!  What is there not to love about spring??  Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “Currently: March 2021

  1. oh you had me at that thatched cottage in the UK, Jennifer.

    maybe someday I’ll get back to my Dad’s homeland of Scotland for one last time. i do hear your yearning …

  2. What a lovely post. I especially enjoyed imagining with you. Can I accompany you to the quaint English cottage in the countryside? Oh, how glorious that would be.

    Hope you are soon sporting sandals and shorts and sunscreen. And me, too!!

  3. I don’t have snow boots either, and it was very snowy and icy here recently! I just don’t like the way boots look on me, so I’ve never spent the money on them. I’m not a flip flops girl anymore, but I do like sandals. They’re pricey, but have you ever tried Dansko shoes? They have cute close-toed shoes that are great in warm weather, but are more like a modern clog. You should look into them! I’m so glad you’re back to blogging! You’re always such a bright spot on the internet. Take care!

  4. I started keeping a goals & gratitude journal to help with the positive vs negative thoughts. Every night I write down 10 goals I have for my life (they are the same 10 every night) & then write 10 things I’m grateful for from that day.

  5. Oooohhhh, that UK trip sounds heavenly. What a fun thing to imagine! And I never have proper shoes for spring either — I’m either wearing my boots which are too warm or my shoes which get wet or my rain boots and then there’s no rain. It’s a hard season to choose proper footwear for.

  6. Ah, what a lovely and delightful photo – I can definitely go along with your imagination on this one 🙂

    I wear a cute rubber version of chelsea boots this time of year when it’s wet but less cold. But I feel you – shoes are hard right now. Especially when all we want are the cute flats!

  7. Your “imagining” made me homesick. I grew up in England and have made quite a few trips since then. I can’t wait to go back. Check out the village of Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales, it is so picturesque and a lovely place to stay. Strolling around town on market day, taking in some historic sites, afternoon tea at a charming tea room, I can’t wait.

    1. Oh, Pamela, thanks so much for the suggestion. My list of places to visit/stroll/stay is growing…to the point, I might have to stay for months to see it all! Yippee!!:) I hope you are able to travel back soon!! So glad you stopped by my blog!

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