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And, just like that March has arrived!  I survived another February.  I’m not sure exactly when my poor attitude towards February began.  My goodness, it is the shortest month… and it includes extra chocolate.  Nevertheless, I am also excited (and relieved) to usher in March.  And this March has started off quite lovely.  March can be a fickle one around here but I’m enjoying all this sunshine.  And with a new month, it is time for a “Currently” post.  After considering the prompts, my answers are a bit lighthearted – not that I purposely started that way but I think something “a bit lighter” is needed this week.  That and the fact that I was just drawing blanks with some of the prompts!!  Enjoy and then – please – let me know what you have been craving lately!!

Currently, I am

COLLECTING –  airline miles.  As in, free travel.  I know we are way late to this game and people do this all the time but we don’t use credit so, apparently, we have been missing out on all the fun!  Right around Christmas – about the time our son was purchasing tickets to come home from Alaska – we came across an offer that would amount to two free tickets….to Alaska!  Since we are still hoping we can travel there this summer, we took the leap.  And, voila, free airfare.  We had planned to stop using the card after that first promotion but we are sorta hooked.  We just keep adding points….and planning trips:)  Not sure if (or when) we will actually have the opportunity to use them but the prospect is exciting.  Side note:  we make a purchase and within minutes pay the card off with our debit card.  It is rather time-consuming, if not a bit annoying and even confusing.  We won’t stick with it for long but I’m going to make sure we get those free flights before I call it quits on a credit card.

CRAVING – french fries!  It is much more like me to get a craving for a gooey grilled cheese; however, lately, my thoughts are way too often consumed with french fries.  Not waffle fries.  Those have their place but are not technically french fries in my book.  There is also a time for the occasional thick-cut, steak fries.  But the real deal is a pile of shoestring fries.  Without melted cheese, chili or other such toppings that just make things messy.  French fries are to be eaten with your fingers and melted cheese…well, that changes everything.  We have a restaurant here, Freddy’s, that has the perfect skinny fries.  (I know Freddy’s is elsewhere but I’m not exactly sure where – but if you have one, you know what I’m talking about!)  And I have to ask – do you like your fries dipped in mayonnaise?  Six months ago (or so), I thought that was the oddest thing.  Probably would have turned my nose up – so unladylike – but we have a local cafe that serves parmesan cheese fries – exactly like the ones in this photo – with a side of mayo.  They are!  Don’t knock it until you have tried it.  You just might find a new obsession!

PICTURING – myself in an English village.  Wandering past a historic church in the middle of the square.  Pausing to admire one chocolate-box cottage after another and then stopping on the village green.  I’m pretty sure after I found the perfect spot to enjoy tea, I would pinch myself a hundred times.  I’ve pictured this so many times.  Right now, it seems as if it will only be the vacation of my dreams – but I might as well dream big.  And in vivid color!

PLAYING – the Youtube videos and music of these four young men as often as I can.  I stumbled across their music not too long ago and I love it.  My kind of music through and through.  I love Southern Gospel and, in my opinion, there is nothing better than a men’s quartet!  Sorry, mom.  My mom was a wonderful singer (not just my opinion) and I would love to hear her sing again (one day!) but there is something just perfect about four men singing gospel music in four-part harmony!

WISHING – I could get to North Carolina and hold this new baby!  Oh my….pure baby perfection.   His dad is very special to me.  He was our Tyler’s best friend all through school.  I love him like a son.  His wife is also a sweetheart….and this is their second child.  His name:  Owen Tyler.  Makes my heart melt.  I cannot wait for the chance to meet him, snuggle him, spoil him….and one day tell him all about his namesake!

I think that wraps it up.  You can check out the rest of the link-up here.  It will be interesting to see what everyone else is playing or picturing!? Thanks for stopping by.  As always, I hope you will come back often and here’s to a lovely month ahead!

11 thoughts on “Currently: March 2022

  1. I LOVE Freddy’s French fries! I am like you and the shoestring are my fav! I actually used to dip mine in mayonnaise with mustard mixed in…it was pretty yummy! I don’t know when I stopped doing that. That’s so awesome about the free plane tickets! I cannot wait to hear about this trip and see lots of pictures. My husband and I would love to go to Alaska someday. I think I’d like to do an Alaskan cruise for our first visit…because I wouldn’t know where to start and we don’t know anyone who lives there. I think it’s different when you have an insider to help be a guide. That baby is precious! I sincerely hope you get to see him sometime soon! Thanks for sharing, friend. I loved this post!

    1. Mayonnaise with mustard…hmm, now that sounds interesting! Almost like Freddy’s sauce – which is oh so yummy!!

  2. I love that you are collecting airline miles! What a good thing to have. I have always said I need to keep at least one free airline ticket “in my back pocket”. I also love the imagery of visiting an English village. What a fun way to dream! Cute baby and hope you get to meet him soon. Have a great day!

  3. Want to hear something funny? March is that most-disliked month for me. That’s because it is SO long…31 days after coming off a short month—and it’s usually cold and quite winter-like still. Although I do like winter, by the end of February, I’m done with it. And most of the time here March is just an extension of winter, so I’m ready to get to April! Ah, an English village sounds lovely! Maybe that’s why I enjoy “All Creatures Great and Small” so much. I have been getting free travel for the last 7 years—part of my son’s benefits for working for an airline (benefits extend to parents). But he recently left that job, so now, I will have to pay for tickets! French fries are my biggest weakness. I could eat them every single day!

    Blessings to you,

  4. In your “picturing” segment, I kind of thought it was going to end with you finding a darling tea shop in the English village that also had shoestrings fries on its menu ;). I have heard of Freddie’s but we don’t have them locally. Congrats on the free airline tickets- and now is a great time to use them due to ticket prices skyrocketing. We use a CC that gives us 2% cash back. Our rewards recently got up to $2000 before I redeemed it. We pay off the balance each month so it doesn’t cost us anything- like you and your miles. That baby is darling and what a beautiful tribute to your son and the father’s friendship with your son. Have a great Wednesday!

    1. That’s brilliant. English tea and french fries!! Yum:) Wow…I almost think I would like to save towards $2000 instead of miles! Good for you! And, I agree, we are humbled and tickled pink to have baby Owen Tyler named to honor such a special friendship!! So glad you stopped by today!

  5. I am so thankful for the friendship that Morgan and Tyler had over the years. I know that even though through the sorrow and grief of it all, it taught Morgan a lot. We knew from the time we were talking about having kids, that Tyler’s name would be incorporated somehow. I have heard so many stories about Tyler and I wish so much I could have met him earth side. I am looking forward to getting to meet him in Heaven in his perfect and glorified body – Heavens Sounds Sweeter All the Time! We love you dear friend and can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  6. I’m belatedly catching up on my “Currently” posts. Yay for free airline tickets and a trip to Alaska — they both sound wonderful! I love your “picturing” image — it sounds perfect. And now I want fries, but with gravy, which makes them messy but oh, so delicious!

    1. Fries with gravy? That is something I have never tried (or heard of)…maybe it is a Canadian favorite? Sounds interesting:)

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