Currently: March 2024

Ah but it is so nice to write that title with the word(s) March 2024!  Hooray for March.  Hooray for making it through February (not winning top spot for my favorite month each year) and hooray for all the signs of spring!  I could sum this entire post up in one sentence:  Currently I am loving the idea of spring!  But that would make for a super short read, so let’s press on with a few other things as of late.  Currently, I am….

loving – the sunlight earlier and earlier each morning, the idea of changing the clocks next week (yes, lots of folks hate this idea but I love the longer evenings too), the way the birdfeeders have been so full every morning (the birdies have been extra busy lately), and the daffodils in full bloom in the neighbor’s yard across the street!  Spring is certainly in the air.  I didn’t even need a jacket as we headed to church yesterday morning.  That was a great feeling.  I know the weather can be fickle and there are, technically, a few more weeks of winter, but there is something about the reminders and clues of spring’s imminent return that sincerely affects my soul.  In all the best ways!  Not to overthink things but, no doubt, that is exactly what spring is intended to do.  Both send reminders – a hope for the future – and affect our soul.  Think about that!

looking forward to – well, I already mentioned time change:) But I am also ready to plant some pansies and spruce up the porch up a bit.  It is looking bare and much too wintery, in my opinion.  I enjoy full planters and some fresh pillows out front.  Come to think of it, it is time to bring out the bunnies and add some spring inside as well.  Definitely looking forward to that!

planning – a few weekends away and, hopefully, a vacation for later this year.  All of these are very tentative.  I was supposed to be out of town this past weekend but plans had to be changed.  I know to make plans loosely.  I try to remain flexible but still get terribly disappointed when plans fall apart.  Nevertheless, we really get the itch to be “out and about” (as in, past the local grocery store) once the weather starts turning nice and have been discussing several different ideas.

wearing – less and less long cardigans…which makes me laugh, in a way.  And makes me sad, in a way.  It is also more than a bit frustrating.  I really (as in, really!) like long cardigans and have more than just a couple in my closet but they have never been the most flattering on me.  I have been given honest opinions (when asked) and, truthfully, I can see for myself that they do not actually hide my problem areas but often accentuate them!  But, I can be stubborn.  Imagine that.  Maybe (just maybe) I was more focused on trying to be trendy than what actually looked nice on me.  (No, that can’t be it…)  Whatever the reason, I’m just not wearing them very often and have been purging them from my closet.  One cute cardigan at a time.  Sigh.

eating – nothing exciting or out of the ordinary.  I could use some kitchen inspiration, for sure.  I could also use some recommendations for a new protein powder to try.  I like to have one protein shake each day.  I have tried several different powders and they are okay but I am thinking there must be some out there that are actually delicious.  Of course, they are not cheap so I cannot simply buy “all the powders” to taste test….and I always finish the container no matter how medicore.  Sigh.  If you love your protein powder, please let me know.

I hope there are a few (or more) things currently in your life that are making your soul happy!  I will include the rest of the link-up here on Wednesday.  In the meantime, let me know what is making you smile:)  Thanks for stopping by –

18 thoughts on “Currently: March 2024

  1. I love spring and intend to take a stroll around the yard today to see what all is happening in the gardens. I hope that all goes well for your tentative plans and maybe even that vacation at some point in the year. I understand how you feel about wanting to go a bit further than your local grocery store! xx

    1. A stroll around the yard sounds nice. Goodness, the weather has been lovely for strolls of any kind!

  2. Totally agree on the extra hours of sunshine.
    My husband drink the Orgain chocolate protein powder. He adds a banana and some peanut butter to it. Plus it is plant based.

    1. Thanks for the protein powder suggestion. I know I have seen Orgain on the shelf…but not sure if we have ever actually tried it. Hmm. I will have to check into it. Thanks again!

  3. I am enjoying the more sunny days too. I don’t know what you like to eat, but I have lots of healthy recipes that I have tried that are actually pretty good 😉 I have never gotten into the protein shake thing (mostly because I can’t do a lot of what is in them, or milks, so yeah, not appealing). I did answer your question on my blog about a functional medicine doc, let me know if you have more questions. Have a great week!

    1. I saw your response, Cindy. Thanks much. I am going to look into a functional medicine doctor around here! I appreciate your help/explanation.

  4. Lots of things to look forward to! More daylight, more warmth, flowers, trips- enjoyed reading about your currently prompts. Hope your Monday is going well!

  5. Yes, we are inching closer and closer to those long days, my friend. And you know, I have so many long cardigans! I never really thought about how they look on me!!! LOL. Have a cozy evening and a blessed week.

  6. I love long cardigans too. I haven’t worn them much this year though. It was actually warm enough yesterday to sit on the front porch and read and then to also take a walk without a jacket it on. Weather like that is just perfect to me. Hope you have a great day!

  7. Well, you just made me think about all of my long cardigans 🙂 They are my favorite! And I find it hard, every year, to transition from long, cozy sleeves, to short sleeves and no cardigan. However, you might be right about them accentuating all the parts I’m trying to cover up 🙂 The pictures are never very flattering.

    1. Oh those pesky pictures…that just don’t lie!! LOL….isn’t that the truth, Debbie! Glad you stopped by this week!

  8. Oh yes, thoughts of spring and extra light are making me happy right now too! The first really nice weekends we have I love to get out and start cleaning up our deck and patio but I’m thinking I’ve still got another month or so before I have to worry about it.

  9. I too love spring and CANNOT WAIT to be able to plant my pansies. I probably have to wait a few more weeks though as we’re still getting snow this week … Ugh.

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