Currently: May 2022

Time for a new “Currently” post – which means….April is over.  And I survived it:)  Not to be melodramatic or anything, but April is always a busy month.  The start of a fresh season – both outside the window and with life in general.  Time to come out of hibernation/winter mode and keep busy!!  All in a good way.  Of course, I am just returning from my Texas trip (which was wonderful – ah, but welcome home to me!!) I do not yet have photos downloaded or all my thoughts together…that post will be coming next week.  However, I wanted to get a May “Currently” posted…if just to check in and say hello to my blog friends.  I look forward to visiting your blogs in the next few days ahead.  But, enough chit-chat.  Hello May….and here is what I am currently:

CONSUMING – salmon.  And plenty of it!  I will admit, keto while vacationing was a bit of a challenge.  Not impossible but certainly not as easy as fixing my own food at home.  We ate out for most of our meals (okay, all of them) while we were in Texas.  Eggs for breakfast were no problem.  You get used to eggs when eating keto:)  Lunch was not too bad, but dinner quickly became monotonous.  There was plenty of chicken, steaks and BBQ to be found – but I do not eat meat.  However, I will eat a few fish…especially salmon.  I’m rather thankful for that right now – as I ate salmon every single night while we were away.  Granted, a lot of really tasty salmon – to be sure – but I was grateful for just a little something different last night for dinner!!

FEELING – very blessed.  Also feeling happy to be home.  I really do enjoy traveling but getting home is always great!  I love being at home and I thrive on my routine.  As much as I enjoy being away, however, I do not enjoy the getting there.  Flying is stressful for me. Super stressful.  Unfortunately, our trip home included more than a couple of my dreaded “what ifs” – and I was a mess.  I swore off ever flying again.  Yes, I have said that before.  This time…I really mean it!!:)  Who knows – but for now, I am ever so glad to be home.  Even in this neck of the woods that I call home…and so often moan and complain about!!

FINDING – fun places to put my new Waco souvenirs!  I know, it sounds cheesy.  Souvenirs.  I don’t exactly buy souvenirs but, goodness, we were at Magnolia – and there is a lot of decorating inspiration.  I finally succumbed to the decorator bead trend.  Which means it will probably be “so last year” in about a month.  A side note…just because I am curious.  What type of souvenirs did you collect (or maybe you still collect)?  Our family always enjoyed finding the perfect suncatcher when we were on family vacation.  I still have the collection but they are not on display.  After the kids were grown, I would always bring home a basket that reminded me of where I had traveled.  Actually, I brought a sweet little handwoven basket home from Waco.  Does that mean I actually do still collect souvenirs??:)

FOLLOWING – not much.  Apparently.  This prompt has me stumped.  The draft??  Um, no.  (Not sports-minded at all).  The news??  Not too much.  I am very interested in what the Supreme Court is doing – especially with Roe vs. Wade – but I will not get political.  Trends?  Trendsetters?  No, not really.  I think I will just leave this one alone.

SPENDING – no more money for a few weeks.  I didn’t overspend in Texas – although I did come home with a few nice things – but traveling is just plain expensive!  Now that I am home, I think I will be spending some extra time on the computer.  Oh boy.  I’m hoping to take a course on Canva.  Learning how to create digital products.  Oh boy and oh my!!  I also plan to take an online sign language course.  Who am I?  Should be fun!!

I think that wraps up the latest edition” of Currently:).  You can check out the rest of the link-up here.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you will come back Friday as well as next week.  I hope to share at least a few good photos from our trip!  Oh, the flowers above were a birthday surprise from my Junior Church class – over a week ago.  I enjoyed them all over again when I got home yesterday!!  Here’s to a month ahead that is full of flowers and sweet surprises!

3 thoughts on “Currently: May 2022

  1. Sounds like you had a great time away – even if the getting there and back caused you stress! Funnily enough, we have salmon for dinner tonight. I find that when I am on holiday I tend to choose fish for my meal in the evening, maybe I try to convince myself that it is the healthy option to make up for all the unhealthy things that I have during the rest of the day?!
    Sign language is big news here. The winner of our Strictly Come Dancing last year was profoundly deaf and honestly to see her dance you would never have known it. There’s a link here to their amazing ‘silent dance’ at about 1.25 the music cuts out and they dance in silence to demonstrate how she manages even though she hears no sound.
    Hope May is a good month for you!

  2. I’m so glad you’re back here in blog world! We miss you when you’re gone. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! I like to bring home little trinkets from places I visit- it can be a coffee mug, an ornament, a book from a local used bookstore, you get my gist. I know of someone who collects art from their travels, but we don’t travel that extensively and I’m not an art type of gal- now I’ll take some framed photos of life any day of the week. I’ve looked at Canva before- I can’t remember what I thought of it, but that and the sign language sound fun! I would also love to learn sign language, I think it’s so beautiful. We have a deaf ministry at our church and my eye is always drawn to the interpreter as we worship.

    I hope you’re enjoying being back at home with your varied dinners and I’ll see you back here next week!

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