Currently: May 2024

Welcome to Thursday!  We have struggled with internet issues all week – well, longer than that truthfully – but finally had the best technician come to the house yesterday.  He went above and beyond.  The problem is (or seems to be) completely resolved and I am back in 2024.  Hard to remember life before the internet.  Nevertheless, I’m running late but did not want to miss this month’s Currently post.  I like this link-up and, although, it is technically on Wednesdays, here am I on Thursday:)  And that’s okay.  Let’s get started with Jen’s prompts for this months.  Currently, I am

LOVING – all the extra time with not only family but several friends lately.  Of course, this usually means plenty of extra eating out but that isn’t too bad either:)  Maybe it was birthday at the end of last month or just the pretty weather, but there have plenty of invites and opportunities to linger with friends over a meal.  Chatting and good meals apparently are my love language:)

Also loving the new song that we are teaching the Junior Church kiddos for Mother’s Day.  It is cute and not necessarily a Mother’s Day song but I really like it and the kids do too.  We have been having fun with our practices.

LOOKING FORWARD TO – going to North Carolina next month.  I do feel a bit bad for my friend who will be having foot surgery.  I don’t think it is “an easy” surgery (is there such a thing?) and the recovery is going to take most of her summer.  But I am glad that I can help her out at least a little during the first week or so.  We won’t be going out and about much (or at all) but that will give us lots of time for chatting, catching up and other low-key fun time with a friend!  For lots of reasons, I really need a change of scenery and North Carolina is calling my name.  Fun fact:  we always thought we would live in NC.  We even bought a lot and were having a house built – many years ago.  But plans changed.  Life happened.  And here we are…still “close but not quite.”  Sigh.  Oh, and did I mention….one cute baby lives there too?  Can’t wait!

SEEING – nothing but blue skies.  The weather forecast is beautiful for the next days.  Or weeks.  Also seeing a new look for our patio out the back door.  We got rid of our large table.  It had blown over in a storm several years ago and cracked along the edge. We did our best repair job but it was not looking its best.  It was also faded.  Then the umbrella broke and well, I was about done with replacing things.  It is now gone and we have a much smaller table – just enough to hold your glass of ice tea or other summer beverage –  out there with the chairs.  We also put some flowers in the planters and everything is looking inviting.  We do enjoy our time on the front porch but I think we will start using the patio more again now.

Speaking of out front, we had our first thunderstorm the other night and it was a good one.  Ear-cracking thunder, piercing lightning and so much rain.  The azaleas out front took a beating.  Actually, everything took a beating.  But now the front yard is a carpet of azalea blooms.  I didn’t really get a photo of it but I thought the sidewalk looked rather pretty:)

READING – Two different cozy mystery series from the same author.  I finish one book and then start the next book in the other series.  I was almost binge reading them which, most of you know, is completely out of character for me.  I do not read a lot much less “binge” anything other than the occasional Oreos or…..well, you know.  The author is Maddie Day and the two series are:  Country Store Mysteries and Cozy Caper Book Group Mysteries.  I just finished book one in the Cozy Caper series but have read ten in the first series.  I was really enjoying them until the last book.  I do not like it when authors use their characters to express their opinion on agenda items/ideals.  Just sayin.

WANTING – the pollen to relax a little bit.  I am not bothered by it but my husband (and many!) others have really been having a hard time.  Hubbie has not been bothered by allergies/sinus infections in years.  Until this one.  Also, really wanting election season to be over.  Not sure that political news and its related annoyance will stop…actually, it could just be worse.  Ugh.  Maybe I don’t want that.  And I’m certainly not wishing for November to be here.  I am wanting to enjoy every day of summer.  I have some goals and a few (loosely define) plans but, for the most part, I just want to relax and enjoy the sun-drenched days of the remaining spring months as well as summer!!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!  The weekend is right around the corner.  Thanks for stopping by, friends.  You are a blessing –

12 thoughts on “Currently: May 2024

  1. Glad to see you are online and that your absence from the e-world (i-world?) did not mean something unfortuitous had happened to you (I did worry about that as I tend, to be, unfortunately, a worrier). Ah, your friend will appreciate your presence, no doubt, and what a great opportunity to slow down (in her case, she will have no choice…) and just enjoy the little things like companionship and laughter. I know that I have enjoyed those small things as I have recuperated. There is no denying it is not a great position to be in, but there, are, certainly some bright spots. I am certain your visit will be one for your friend. A lot in NC! That is cool! We were going to move out to SC- that was our dream. But not being able to get so much as job interviews coupled with staggering law loans that weren´t going to pay themselves back (neither were the taxpayers back in halcyon days when taxpayers were not burdened with others’ student loans), meant we stayed to close to home, literally and got jobs here. Have a great Thursday!

    1. That is so funny, and interesting, that you were going to move to SC. That is now on our radar for a permanent retirement state:)

  2. The azalea blooms are very pretty on the sidewalk…such a really pretty pink. Glad you have your internet working again. Hope you have a great day.

  3. Oh I just love chatting with friends and family over a good meal (and preferably one I didn’t have to cook or clean up from). I hope you have fun in North Carolina and I am sure your friend will be so thankful for the helping hand and the company while she recovers. It sounds like you have some lovely weather and a beautiful new spot to sit and enjoy it!

    1. Not cooking/cleaning up after a good chat with friends….even better! Totally agree, Joanne!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends in NC. Praying the weather holds up and that it will be a delightful time for all. I must look up those book series to see if they have them at our public library. I need a new bunch of books to read! Yes, the current news season is very unsettling and I really want to hide away from all the conflict and strife. Praying for our nation to turn back to God! That is the only cure for what ails us. Take care my friend and have a lovely vacation!

  5. Enjoyed catching up with you. I know you are going to enjoy being with your friend after her surgery as she recovers. And that darling baby is just icing on the cake.

    Wish we could have a nice slow, all-day rain to give everything a good drink. We have coyotes coming down from the mountains looking for water. Poor things. And our grass is really struggling to green up. I bet the azalea bloom carpet was a pretty sight. We have a tree here called palo verde (green stick) and it has delicate yellow flowers this time of year. The ground, sidewalk, street wherever those trees grow are covered with yellow petals.

    I have 2 more sub assignments before school lets out for summer vacation. I hope to spend more time on our patio this year. Need to get out there early but it is so nice to just sit and admire God’s handiwork.

    Happy to hear from you. To read that you are finding joy in many things including those sweet voices in junior church. Keep up the good work.

    1. So sad about the coyotes (and other wildlife) struggling with the lack of rain. You can tend to forget about that truth. Sigh. Have never heard of a palo verde…but I think yellow petals everywhere would be lovely!! So glad you stopped by, Leslie. Always enjoy your comments!!

  6. Hello! I am so glad to hear your internet is back up and running. That can be frustrating. Have a wonderful time with your friend. She will be blessed to have you with her as she recovers. Have a cozy weekend. It is chilly and dreary here. I will be cozy inside!

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