Currently: November 2020

Time for November’s “Currently” post…and I am anxious, and curious, to see what direction all the posts will take this month.  Without a doubt, there is much “currently” happening – no matter where you live.  Here in the US, we are, of course, one day post-election.  Many are facing a return to lock-down.  So many are in the middle of heavy and hard things with their families and in their personal lives.  Oh, and the “holiday season” has officially arrived.  Many of these things are, indeed, heavy.  My prayer list has been long and I will continue to pray – for our country, our president (whoever that may be), our churches, my friends and family members who are really hurting.

For the sake of a breather (emotionally and mentally), this is somewhat of a more light-hearted look at things in my life “currently.”  Important things like: flannel sheets, walking the dog on these super crisp mornings, frost warnings, and wondering just when it will snow this winter.  Let’s get started. I am currently:

APPRECIATING – all of those who so quickly and willingly jumped in to help my husband and me when he fell on Monday.  He was chasing the dog (most of our “ugh” stories seem to start with the dog!) and lunged to grab her…and landed on his knee.  On the concrete.  He tore his quadricep tendon and was unable to get up.  With some of the neighbors’ help, we were able to get him into the car so I could take him to the ER.  I live in an area where neighbors tend to social distance (and more) as a way of life.  Way before it was cool.  Sadly, most I do not even know by name.  I was so thankful for their kindness, help and for their strength.  To be sure, I could not pick up my husband:)

ORDERING – I think this is where I am supposed to say all the Christmas presents, but….I have not ordered one.  Not one.  I do have some shopping done but totally need to step up my ordering/gifts purchased game!  I see quite a few extra days at home in my future as my husband recovers (he will be having surgery to repair his tendon) so I’m moving “finish Christmas shopping” to the top of my list.  Honestly, I do not have that many gifts to buy but deciding what to get seems extra hard this year!!  Why??  I do not want gift buying to become a chore but I am struggling this year.

PERFECTING – my Instagram game.  Ok, that is a bit of a stretch…but I did begin a 25-day challenge on the first of this month.  I joined with two other IG friends and agreed to post for 25 days straight.  Definitely pushing myself.  Not only is it quite the challenge to find something to photograph (I am the world’s worst with taking pictures.  Maybe I can work on perfecting that.  At least, improving it!) but each photo needs a least a sentence or two or something worth saying to go with it.  So, a bit of a writing challenge as well.  I enjoy those types of challenges (the writing ones) much more.  I am also looking forward to meeting more ladies on IG; however, they have blocked/scrambled/messed with our gratitude hashtag.  Sigh – and go figure.  Hopefully, gratitude will be allowed once again now that the election has passed.  Sorta.

PLANNING – well, this should be replanning.  Even unplanning.  Apparently, the recovery time for a quad tendon repair (such technical lingo!) is slow.  And long.  We are definitely having to rethink our plans for Thanksgiving (um, we often like to go hiking!  This picture is from last year.  That is not happening this Thanksgiving.) and several other things we had planned for the next few weeks.  Or months.  I have talked about “plan b” more than a couple of times here on the blog lately.  I’m beginning to think “plan B” is our new normal and I need to start embracing it more.

WEARING – some new sweaters that I purchased lately.  I especially like a color-blocked one that I got from Target.  In orange and maroon colors.  Warm and super fall looking.  I also picked up a new jacket.  It was NWT from a consignment store and from Land’s End.  Maybe not my most favorite but it was brand new (and super cheap) and is a bit roomy…which is working because I have inherited the job of morning walks with the dogs so I put it right over my pjs! HA!!  My husband really misses taking the dogs out.  Truthfully.  I hope I learn to enjoy it as much as he does!

Well – this definitely turned into the “my husband fell and busted his knee” edition of “Currently.”  I suppose that is because it just happened two days ago.  And surgery is two days from now.  There really are other things going on as well.  But I think I’ve been given a reason, and a season, to be still.  To be still and know that He is God is exactly what I need right now.  Exactly what many of us need.  For those who are running full-speed ahead with thoughts of Thanksgiving and beyond…take time to be still.  For those who have returned to quarantine, I pray you can use these days of extra quiet in order to see and hear from God as well.  Praying blessings on all of you who stop by and read my blog!!  Happy November friends!! Check out the rest of the link-up here.

13 thoughts on “Currently: November 2020

  1. Your poor husband! I hope he’s not in too much pain. That’s great your neighbors really helped out!
    I’m almost finished with Christmas shopping. I love finding things, so if you need ideas or help searching, let me know. Seriously – it’s fun for me. I’m also showcasing a bunch of ideas this month!


  2. I know – it’s hard timing to think about much else than the heavy things, but I’m glad for a bit of a chance to have a respite and think about other things currently going in life. But ah, what a bummer about your husband’s injury. I hope the surgery and recovery go well! I really enjoy my morning dog walking time – always a good time to listen to a podcast and have a little me-time. Maybe you’ll find that nice too 🙂

    1. I’m definitely working on my attitude with the dog walking. Turning that into a positive!! Listening to a podcast is a great idea – thanks!

  3. Oh, Jennifer, I am SO sorry to hear about your husband! How scary and how painful for him. I am so thankful to hear you had help! Praying for you guys.

  4. So sorry to hear about your husband. That hurts. I’ve fallen on both knees on concrete a few years ago and while I didn’t tear anything, my knee camps were tender for a very long time.

  5. Oh, boy. I am sending you LOTS and LOTS of deep breaths and good vibes. My husband had 32 staples in his left leg for an achilles repair–and at the time, we also had a newborn baby, our third child. I felt like I had twins for that stretch, let me tell you. I hope you have some sources of help and strength; people in your life who will DO for you without you having to ask or having to answer the question, What do you need? I’ve learned, through being in your shoes, that the best way to give is without asking. That is my wish for you this season! (And here’s to human nature pulling through in you n’hood in times of need! Would be wonderful to keep that going! A silver lining??)

  6. Oh, my gosh…this stupid year just keeps giving. I am so sorry about your husband’s fall and injury. Hope he will heal over the cold months and be raring to go once spring arrives. We just never ever know, do we? Thank goodness for the kindness of others helping you to get your husband up.

    I want to see you dressed in your new sweaters and jacket. From the way you described the color block sweater from Target, it sounds like one I have in my online cart. Want to do a favorite fall outfit post together??

    Our Thanksgiving plans are kind of up in the air, too. Probably like everyone else we know. My sister and her husband were planning to visit but with our crazy increase in Covid cases, I am not sure they are as excited about being here. Holding off on buying the traditional T’giving groceries until the last minute when I can get an accurate head count.

  7. Sorry about your husband’s injury – glad that he had help so you could get him to the ER. I hope that his surgery went well and he has a smooth recovery.

  8. Oh no your poor husband! Thank goodness for kind neighbors. Ours are kind of the same way where we live–super nice, but everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. I love the color block sweater trend, and that Target one sounds really pretty!

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