Currently: November 2021

Just like that…fall has taken a big turn.  Leaves are still changing and many are still clinging to their branches but, oh my, have the temperatures dropped.  In twenty-four hours, we went from the windows cracked and sunny afternoon walks to flannel shirts and the furnace running last night.  After running errands today in a dreary, drizzle-filled afternoon, we came home and enjoyed the fireplace for the first time this season!!  Makes for a cozy afternoon, but I rather miss Monday!!

Definitely a quick reminder of what November is really all about:)  So, hello November….and time for another monthly look at things “Currently” – a monthly link-up with Anne.  Let’s get started.  Currently, I am

APPRECIATING – the beauty (and ease) of a gas fireplace, not having to run errands alone (my sidekick drops me at the door when the weather is especially nasty), and our afternoon tea (well, coffee for him) that seems to have become a habit.  One of the top things on my bucket list – if I had a bucket list – is to visit England.  To take as long as I can possibly can and simply explore all the English villages.  And I plan to enjoy tea in each and every one!  Ah, a dream come true:)

GETTING – my Thanksgiving things out of their bin.  I love to decorate for Thanksgiving…and there is definitely no rushing Christmas over here.  I enjoy my pilgrims and turkeys but find it harder and harder to add to my collection – if you would call it a collection.  They just are not easy to find.  I am also getting quite, well…comfortable, with the idea of going away for Thanksgiving.  Just the two of us.  It seemed odd/unusual/wrong when we first considered the idea…and when we made the reservations.  But now, we are rather excited.  Not only about getting away but also just doing something new. High five to us:)

MAKING – some tentative plans for December.  Jordan will be home for a visit and my husband’s daughter will visit for a few days as well.  Making plans has proved more challenging than I imagined.  So much seems “back to normal” but things are definitely not “normal” – or as they once were.  Hopefully, we can create so new traditions or routines.  Let’s be honest, I will just be thrilled once my son gets home:)

In other news, I also made some amazing pumpkin scones the other day!  Pumpkin is making a comeback in my kitchen.  I added a maple glaze to these scones – and they were delish!!  Just perfect with my afternoon tea.  Or my breakfast coffee:)

WEARING – summer shoes.  Actually, well worn-in and loose-fitting flats!  I busted my pinky toe last week.  I slammed it so hard on the kitchen island.  It was so tender and sore for days – not to mention bruised and swollen for about 48 hours.  For the most part, it seems okay now….until I try to wear shoes.  All of my fall shoes – with or without tights – are just too stiff.  Even my summer shoes are uncomfortable on that toe, but at least I can get them on and walk without limping.  It hasn’t been a huge problem since the weather had been so nice – but I did look a bit ridiculous this afternoon in my flimsy summer shoes.  But my toe hurts!!

SHARING – or just beginning to share gift ideas and wish lists, of sorts.  Somehow, as Mom, I have become commander in chief of gathering suggestions and other hints from all family members – and then disseminating said information as requested.  Of course, editing and revising as needed along the way.  I often wonder “why don’t you just ask your brother/sister/dad/uncle/cousin/etc yourself” but I suppose that is not nearly as much as fun.  Or convenient.  And, apparently, ’tis the season:)

I have also been “kicking around ideas” – which is much the same as sharing – for the Junior Church kiddos and Christmas.  Songs to sing and other ideas to make it special for them.  They have been working hard for Thanksgiving!  In addition to singing, they will all be quoting Psalm 100.  They have all worked so hard – even the littlest ones – and they just make my heart happy!  It will be a tough act to follow in December:)

You can see what others have been sharing, making or appreciating at the link-up here.  I would love to know what you are up to “currently” – please leave me a comment!  Here’s to a beautiful new month ahead!!

10 thoughts on “Currently: November 2021

  1. We made pumpkin scones as well — soooo yummy!!!

    And I’m sorry about your toe. I’ve stubbed mine badly a couple of times and I feel your pain.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I dropped our vacuum cleaner on my pinky toe one winter where we actually had snow on the ground and I had to wear flip flops for a few days because I could not get regular shoes on over all the bruising and swelling. Hope your foot is feeling better soon. Going away for Thanksgiving sounds fun; I know another blogger that heads to the beach with her whole family each Thanksgiving and I thought that sounded like a great tradition!

  3. Oh goodness! That pain is no fun! I have broken my pinky toe and even just bashing it hurts like crazy. I hope you are doing better soon.

    And how cool you are going away! It is hard to not stick to tradition, but it is also exciting to do something new.

    I wish I could make scones. I am so awful at it! Yours look delicious!

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