Currently: October 2019

It’s almost the end of another month!  My goal is (was) to do a “Currently” post each month – just a quick look at some of that which would currently describe my life.  It seems I have missed a few months.  Sigh.  Nevertheless, here are some “currently” fall things.

I am reading.  I actually finished the Mitford series books.  They were as wonderful the second time through as they were the first.  Of course, there were years in between readings and, for me, that was equivalent to reading them for the first time!  I started the Father Tim books which, apparently, is a shorter follow-up series.  Not nearly as enjoyable…or at least not the first one in the series.  I have not been able to finish it.  (Side note – an unfinished book, whether I enjoy it or not, on my nightstand is so mentally draining.)

I have also been reading/gleaning several vegetarian – and vegan – cookbooks.  I am not vegan but I find some of the yummiest no-meat recipes in the vegan cookbooks.  So many delicious recipes! I really need to cook more often. The love of cookbooks is apparently something I inherited from my mother.  I have wonderful memories of her propped up in bed surrounded by multiple cookbooks.  She would leaf through those books and earmark dozens of recipes – eager to cook for her family.  Planning meals and cooking wonderful food was her love language:)

I am enjoying.  All things fall.  We started October with our fall revival – which was a tremendous blessing.  I posted a bit about it here.  A couple weekends later, my husband and I were able to get away for a long weekend.  The fall weather was perfect and we really enjoyed everything that is so beautiful and relaxing about Lancaster.  We found some new (to us) restaurants while we were away – even a creperie!  The pumpkin cheesecake crepe we shared was probably one of the best things I’ve eaten in quite a while!  I am (for the most part..sorta/kinda) enjoying all the pumpkin spice.  It is a bit overdone – just sayin.  I enjoy a lot of pumpkin desserts – the pumpkin chocolate chip bars I made this weekend were my new favorite – but I will pass on pumpkin spice coffee.  And chips.  And yogurt. And….well, so many things just do not need to be pumpkin spice.

I have been busy.  The last few weeks have had extra opportunities for volunteering and for ministries at church.  I have been on several “field trips” with my assisted living friends and, as well, have also done some volunteering with the memory care residents.  Last week, we did some fall baking.  It definitely has its own set of challenges but what a sweet group of senior friends.  For the most part, life (on the second floor) is easy, relaxed and happy.

This past weekend, at church, was a full three days of scripture assembly.  I mentioned here on my Instagram.  Sunday was Friend Day with a church lunch in the afternoon.  We enjoy a lot of fellowships – aka eat a lot of food! – at church:)   I have also been working with Awana.  I have never been involved with this children’s program before and, quite honestly, when I was asked about helping this year, I really was less than enthusiastic.  I was convinced I had retired from teaching children’s classes.  Despite my initial bad attitude, God has really excited my heart for Wednesday evenings!  I not only look forward to seeing the kids but I also have been enjoying planning and preparing for my part in the lessons each week.

I am looking forward to – raking leaves.  Ok, not really.  But attitude is half the battle, right?  The leaves have just begun to fall but the yard already looks covered.  It is a never-ending chore for the next few weeks.  Of course, next month is also the beginning of the holiday season and I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We are going to try something a bit different this year.  At least, that is the plan for now.  The holidays are challenging for us – but Thanksgiving has always been my favorite!!  Any thoughts of ideas for a (somewhat/sorta) non-traditional Thanksgiving.  As in, one that does not involve turkey!!!:)  Enjoy the rest of autumn….winter is right on its heels!!

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