Currently: October 2022

Just like that, we are at the first Wednesday of the month and time for a “Currently” post.  I began last month’s post by saying I had seen the first of the autumn red leaves.  I’m surprised by that because there really is not much color outside.  If the leaves have been changing for an entire month, there isn’t much to show for it.  I’m okay with that.  It looks quite fall-ish inside here (all those pumpkins and scarecrows I mentioned in last month’s post have been properly displayed) and that is good enough for now.  But, enough about the weather….let’s see what I have been up to lately.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin-inspired hot drink.  Not holding out hope.  Still needing to finish the front porch.  This past weekend’s cold and wet weather interrupted those plans….but it will be soon.  I’m sure of it.  And – dare I mention it – I am currently coughing.  Still.  Seriously??  But, cough aside, I am feeling better (great even) every day.  Enough of that.  Let’s move forward with the full post.  And, as always, the entire link-up can be found here.  Even if you don’t participate, let me know what you are “currently” admiring (or wanting)!
Currently, I am:
ANTICIPATING – a beautiful family room.  We are having new carpet installed on Saturday.  The carpet in that room is original and has been well loved (and lived on) by two families (the previous owners and us) with multiple pups.  It served us well but will not be missed.  We are blessed to know someone who owns a flooring (installation) business and he will be putting down the new carpet.  Not sure we could have done that project right now otherwise.  Oh, and there is apple picking on Monday!!:)
ADMIRING – those who can do chalkboard art.  So many cute ideas on Pinterest for my kitchen chalkboard….but mine just do not look like those.  Also admiring those who can make coffee drinks look like works of art.  They make it look so easy.  And the coffee just tastes that much better when it is pretty.  And, honestly, I am so admiring folks who work so hard “behind the scenes” to make events happen….and to make them happen so nicely.  I attended a new Bible study today.  First day of a new semester.  Breakfast was served.  A really nice buffet.  All the little details were thought about and it was just a wonderful – richly blessed – morning.  Those types of mornings do not happen by accident.  I appreciate all the effort and admire those who use their gifts and talents for the Lord!
SPENDING – well, we have been spending much more than we typically do on some home improvement projects.  The front flower bed is getting a fresher look….much more trimmed and “manicured,” should I say.  Those little 3-gallon bucket bushes are pricey.  I would have preferred ones a bit larger (and to scale with our other mature bushes) but we will just patiently wait for them to grow.  We have also painted and, as I mentioned, we are getting new family room carpet this weekend.  Oh, and we need new curtains.  Home improvement projects tend to be “if you give a mouse a cookie” type deals:)  Did I mention that the dryer chose this week to act wonky?  I’m currently (no pun there) drying towels indoors – draping them wherever possible.  I don’t have a clothesline and well, it is what it is.
WANTING – a dryer that works.  HA.  Did you see Monday’s post where I mentioned “taking things for granted”?  Modern conveniences can easily be added to my list.  Not once in the past (too many) months have I been thankful for my dryer.  Or my washer.  But I will be once it is fixed – or replaced.  In all seriousness, I want to be grateful….not only in my thoughts and in my prayers but also verbally.  To express my appreciation and gratitude whenever (and to whomever, if appropriate) much more often.
PURGING/DELETING – more Pinterest files.  I mentioned this a while back (wow – all the way back in January!!) but I continue to work on it slowly but surely.  I was recently deleting pins from my “hairstyles I love,” “decor to inspire,” and “my closet needs a makeover” boards.  I was a bit surprised at how many of the pins I have there that I don’t even really like anymore!  Funny.  I don’t really consider myself super trendy but, apparently, your tastes do change – whether with the trends or for whatever reason.  At least, mine do.  It might actually be interesting to keep those all pins….and to look back at what I once admired or found inspiring.  But the OCD side of my brain just cannot handle that – so deleted they are and, no doubt, will continue to be as time goes by.
That’s it “currently” – thanks for stopping by.  Here’s to a month full of all things October beautiful!!

14 thoughts on “Currently: October 2022

  1. Hi Jennifer!
    I can relate to so many things on this post. Especially about spending
    money on renovations! What I thought would be the bare minimum of
    renovations, has cost way more than expected.

    As for the dryer – can you believe we’ve had the same dryer for 33 years?
    The remarkable thing is that it belonged to my husband’s grandmother
    before we got it and I’m not sure how many years she owned it.

    However, we’ve had about 4 washers during that time span and just
    recently had to buy a new one.

    And now that you mention the leaves…I haven’t noticed any change
    in color around here either. Hmmm…hopefully soon!

    Have a great week! And thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it!

  2. OH yes, those home improvement projects have a way of snowballing don’t they?! I bet the new flooring will be so wonderful. We have thought a time or two about replacing our carpets but the thought of having to empty out each room just makes me put it off and put it off… I am now curious to go check out some of my really old Pinterest boards and see how my tastes have changed!

    1. Definitely not looking forward to the emptying out of the family room. Will probably leave that to the guys:)

  3. You are so right about appliances and taking them for granted when they work. I sure hope you get your dryer issue straightened up. I went to dry some clothes the other day and my dryer didn’t turn on. I got a pit in my stomach because I NEEDED those clothes to dry! I unplugged and replugged the dryer in and that did the trick. I was shocked but in the best possible way. I did not expect that to be the issue but I was happy that was it. Exciting about the new carpet and all the projects you have going on!

    1. Oh, Maria, I so wish our fix could be that simple! I did, in fact, try the “turn it off and turn it back on” trick. But, no. Looking for the next trick up my sleeve:)

  4. This was a great post! Thank you for the prompt ideas that you gave me for this month! Keep them coming, if you think of more! I can’t wait to see/hear more about your home improvement projects…maybe that could be a post? I love reading about such things. I sincerely hope you feel better and recover completely soon! Praying for that to be the case and also, thank you for praying for my sister Lisa! That really means so much to me. Much love, my friend!

  5. Congrats on getting new carpeting! We just got new flooring in our basement and I feel the same way – I don’t miss what was down there before! I tried to make coffee art with very limited success when I worked at a coffee roastery. I could do simple designs but they were not that artistic. Ha! Visiting from Currently #10

  6. Oh the things we take for granted that make daily chores easier! It makes me wonder how my mum got all our laundry dry in the winter, I don’t ever remember things draped around the house. Monday was always laundry day so what on earth did she do if it was raining on a Monday? We tend to have clothes lines in our gardens here, and a clothes horse in our utility room but I would struggle to keep up to date with towels and bed linen if I didn’t have a tumble drier!
    That cough is determined not to go isn’t it? Pleased to hear you are feeling better though.
    Good luck with emptying that room ready for the new carpet – it’s going to look lovely when it is done!

  7. All the best with your home improvements. I’m sure the carpet will look so fresh and lovely. I know exactly what you mean about being grateful for working appliances. My washing machine died last year and it was so annoying. It sure didn’t take long before the washing started piling up while we waited for a new one. I hope you get your dryer sorted out soon.

    1. I, too, am hoping to have the dryer woes behind us!! (looks like it won’t be for another week – ugh!)

  8. Out dryer quit heating up a few weeks ago and I had been doing laundry all day and it was fine until the second to last load just wouldn’t dry and I still had one in the wash. So we had to take it to the laundromat the next morning and hubby got a repairman to come. All that to say it was repaired (a little pricier than I thought it would be) but, it’s fixed and working fine and I’m pretty glad not to have to buy a new one right now. And you’re right. Something like that does make you really appreciate what you have that does work. How exciting for you to be getting new flooring. That is so great. Hope you have a great day!

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