Currently: September 2023

Happy Hump Day….and here’s to hoping for a bit of a break in our Commonwealth’s weather.  It is incredibly hot in my neck of the woods.  Weather is such an odd animal.  Extreme weather – not all throughout the states but all over the world.  Storms, droughts, never-ending rain and temperatures all over the place.  Just unpredictable and unusual weather.  I hate to complain but, let’s be honest, 100 degrees is just too hot for September.  But, what can you do?  I have continued my walks (although not as far) and, well, life goes on.  Which brings us to another new month and time for this month’s Currently.  As always, you can find and enjoy the entire link-up at my friend Jennifer’s blog.  Admittedly, my brain is sluggish (dare I blame the heat) but let’s see what is happening as of late in my life.  Currently, I am:

LOVING – cooking dinner lately.  Ok, loving might be a bit strong but I have been enjoying it lately.  I have just been in the mood to try some new things and/or to make some things that we have not have in a long time.  I also have been making things just for my husband – the meat and potatoes man.  That means, I end up making two separate dinners which sometimes is annoying but, lately, has been working great.  I’ve tried several new things and he has enjoyed a lot of his old favorites! Also, loving the return – or soon return – of crock pot season.  I like the air fryer but do not use it nearly enough (I think mine is too small to be super useful) but I love the crock pot!!

EXPERIENCING – a heat wave.  I know.  I know.  I already rambled about that but it just seemed to fit so perfectly with the prompt.  Also “experiencing” some excitement for the return of Bible study.  Actually, two Bible studies.  I am going to try and participate in two different studies this semester.  I hope I am not “biting off more than I can chew” or, at least, more than I am to keep up with properly.  One other thing, is any one else “experiencing” aggravation with all the Christmas décor, sales and attention to Christmas in the stores (here’s looking at you, Hobby Lobby)?  I don’t know why but the rushing of the seasons and the waaaay over-merchandising of Christmas really puts me into a bad mood.  Please say it isn’t just me!!

DREAMING – of possible vacation ideas for next spring.  (Yes, definitely planning ahead!)  But we would like to take a “bigger” vacation…to celebrate the end of all my treatments which will end in March.  A trip in April would coincide with my birthday as well:)  We’ve been “dreaming” of the Amalfi Coast.  Or perhaps Ireland.  Or may Portugal.  Dreaming vacation ideas is a lot of fun!

EATING – well, nothing pumpkin spice yet.  But the temptation is everywhere.  I will admit, some of it sounds less than appealing (or even gross) but much of it sounds delicious.  I love the pumpkin Cheerios.  I know, Cheerios are toddler snacks.  Oh, but make them pumpkin spice flavored and I think they are simple but delicious.  I also love pumpkin bagels, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin flavored cream cheese or pumpkin in my oatmeal.  Do you see a trend here?  Breakfast is the best!!:)

USING TO DECORATE – what I already have.  I purchased a fall-themed kitchen towel the other day.  The color was cute for my kitchen.  I will probably purchase some cute hand towels for the half bath downstairs.  I usually do.  Other than that, I do not need anything new.  Just the opposite – I am actually purging some of my fall seasonal things.  Not a lot but I do have more than we need.  I will admit that I like my fall décor the most but I still only want to have and use the things I really enjoy.  I’m curious….if you decorate seasonally, when will you put your things out for fall?  Or have you already?!

Well that’s it “currently” around here.  I asked a few questions here or there and I’d love to here from you.  Leave your answer in the comments.  Or just let me know how what has been happening in your life “currently”!!  Hope you will come back on Friday–

18 thoughts on “Currently: September 2023

  1. Trip dreaming is a lot of fun for me; planning not so much but I do it anyway or else we wouldn’t go anywhere! I think a trip next spring sounds perfect- any of those destinations you mentioned would be amazing. I hope a big trip works out for you! Our weather is supposed to turn really soon and it can’t come soon enough! Temps in the 70’s will feel amazing. I hope your weather makes a turn for the cool! I mean, of course it will but I hope it does so soon! Happy Wednesday!

    1. Yes, it will turn cool. Let’s just hope I don’t start complaining when it does!! Weather in the 70s is perfection…in my humble opinion:)

  2. Planning a trip is a half the fun! Amalfi Coast, Ireland, Portugal, all wonderful destinations. I love Christmas, but yes, aisles full of decorations in August is TOO early. I’m a pumpkin fan, too, it’s time to dust off my pumpkin bread recipe and fill the freezer with loaves.

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I will post my Currently tomorrow. I’m with you, I plan to use what I already have and maybe buy a mum for outside. Planning a trip is great fun. Hope you have a great day and that the heat calms down where you are.

  4. Oh my, yes, it’s been in the mid-90’s here in Pennsylvania. I actually do love the summer and have never minded the heat but this is getting to be too much. I hope you’re able to stay cool and enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. My favorite are the pumpkin spice mini wheats; they tempt me into buying a box nearly every year where I don’t ever even eat cereal the rest of the year. I might have to pass them up to try some pumpkin bagels this year though. The Amalfi coast always looks so pretty and fun. I love dreaming of vacations.

  6. I look forward to cooking with my slow cooker more in the fall! I do use my air fryer every week though. I use it a lot just to warm foods. Portugal is on my bucket list, so that sounds wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. I, honestly, had not thought of using my air fryer to warm foods. Would seem much better than the microwave! Thanks!

  7. Hello! Yes, pumpkin spice is here! I also love the Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. I have two boxes in the drawer right now! Planning and dreaming of a vacation is half the fun, so I say go right ahead!!! And I absolutely love my crockpot. I hope you have a cozy evening, my friend.

  8. Dreaming of vacation destinations is so much fun – but a bit disappointing when I realize that the places I dream of visiting are mostly out of my budget. Oh well. I agree about pumpkin cheerios and bagels and other breakfast-y things – yum!!

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