Doing, Cooking, and Giving Thanks: January 2022

Another Friday.  And the first month of January has come to an end – at least, in the blogging books.  It has been a rather typical January for me.  The beginning of a new year always gives me a burst of fresh energy as well as excitement –  enthusiasm even –  for the weeks ahead.  It usually lasts about two and a half weeks.  I’m not sure it lasted even that long this year as we had our first snow almost immediately and the effects of winter took over.  My enthusiasm chills.  Literally.  And my body (quickly followed by my brain and my attitude) simply goes into survival mode.  The grand plans and resolutions that invigorated me just four weeks ago are still very much “on the burner” but are definitely at a slow simmer right about now.  Once again, winter deceived me.

I have not spent the entire month completely under the quilts.  I have had my productive moments – a little doing, a little cooking and, of course, always something for which to give thanks.  Here’s to documenting them…

DOING.  I have already mentioned it several times here but I have been getting outside.  It really does help.  I will not say that I enjoy it (that would be a stretch) but I will (reluctantly) admit that the cold air and the fast walking (which only gets me home faster) really make me feel better.  I have also been walking inside.  This has been much more hit or miss.  I walk to different videos.  Most are okay but I have not found one I think is great – whatever that means.  I have also been reading.  For most of my friends here, reading is not only routine but a real enjoyment.  Not so much for me…but I am determined to read more and do less (way less) mindless scrolling!  How did I ever get to that place?  And I have been a bit hooked on Sudoku.  As in, puzzles with numbers.  I hate numbers.  As in, I really hate numbers, but I tried a few of these puzzles over Christmas and, well, I love the challenge.  Love and hate.  Some of them are really hard.  Hopefully, I am keeping the brain cells churning.

COOKING.  This has been a good month for soup.  I have a Pinterest board specifically for soups; however, I noticed recently that most of the soups are not vegetarian-friendly.  Not sure why I even kept them.  And how many chicken tortilla soup recipes does one person really need?  I have been trying some new recipes.  Ones with more vegetables.  And cheese.  I think I could have an entire Pinterest board devoted to cheese, but let’s not go there.  This recipe for (Better than Panera) Broccoli and Cheese soup was our favorite this month.  Very much a comfort food soup and perfect for winter evenings.  Perfect for cheese cravings, too!  Any great soup recommendations?  I would love to try them all – even ones with meat or chicken.  I can usually adapt recipes fairly well.

GIVING THANKS.  This one is a bit tricky as the details are really not mine to give or my story to tell; however, I do want to remember God’s major answer to prayer this month.  Not only did we have one family member hospitalized with Covid the first week of January (he has recovered well), but we had another family who received suspicious lab results at the same time.  There were multiple follow-up scans which led to a biopsy and, of course, much waiting.  And speculating.  With a family history of cancer, the worst-case scenarios seemed inevitable.  However, the biopsy came back benign and all the follow-up appointments have been very encouraging.  We know God answered the prayers of many and, although I cannot share everything, I want to be sure to thank Him and give Christ all the glory.

Not the best January on record but certainly not the worst.  We are looking at snow in the weekend’s forecast.  Winter certainly is not close to over but the flip of the calendar always helps.  Here’s to a beautiful weekend – and to a wonderful new month ahead.

11 thoughts on “Doing, Cooking, and Giving Thanks: January 2022

  1. I do have a soup recommendation for you- it’s a copy cat of Chick fil- A’s chicken tortilla soup. It is definitely not an exact version but it’s good in its own way. It is full of protein as you puree two cans of cannelloni beans which becomes much of the liquid base. Do a search of The Baker Mama chicken tortilla soup and you will find it. I’m sure you could omit the chicken if you don’t eat chicken. The health issues sound stressful- grateful for God’s answer to prayer. Stay warm this weekend. I hope your cupboards are full if you are in the path of the storm and that you don’t have to go out.

    1. Thanks for the recipe! I just printed it off….and I think I have everything needed. No trip to the store necessary.

  2. I enjoy reading, but I have found audiobooks to be more enjoyable the last couple of years. I’m glad you are getting to walk (even indoors!) and that your family members are doing better.

  3. I like Leslie Sansone walking videos but nothing it quite the same as getting out for a walk. Today though I am hunkered inside making chicken noodle soup, fresh bread, and cookies with a blizzard raging outside the windows.

    1. A blizzard – oh my! I did hear it was going to get deep in many places. We escaped with just a dusting! The Leslie Sansone videos are good….I need to try those again. Thanks!

  4. Love this glimpse into your month! You might like to try as she has some amazing healthy soups (as well as all the baking deliciousness!) 🤗 Stopping by from #graceandtruth linkup.

  5. I’m pleased to hear that there was ultimately good news after all the worries that your family have had. It’s always good to get things checked out as soon as possible.
    Minestrone soup is great for a cold winter’s day – especially with a lovely slice of crusty bread! There is a great recipe here
    I don’t put the green veg in mine – it’s quite an adaptable recipe depending on what veggies you can find in the salad drawer of the fridge!

  6. Praise God for the benign diagnosis…that is a huge blessing and relief! And soups all sound wonderful to me this time of year. We’ve been battling that nasty virus for two weeks, and soups and one dish meals have been very comforting. Nothing exciting…just whatever happens to come together. We had creamy potato and broccoli soup one night, last night was creamy chicken with carrots, celery, onion over biscuits…my version of chicken pot pie without the “pot”. LOL. I did make a beef stew/soup one day, (with leftover pot roast). We’ve had cabbage and sausage (over mashed potatoes). We usually do have meat in our soups, but I don’t mind a good vegetable soup when I have lots of good vegetables to put in. Maybe today would be a good day for that… Thanks for the suggestions. Have a blessed and wonderful last day of January. Tomorrow starts a new month…February is always better than January in my book!

    1. Always nice to get a note/comment/howdy from you! Thanks for stopping by!! I really hope that you and your hubbie are feeling stronger and more “back to normal” every day! Your pot pie without the “pot” (or the pie) sounds like something my husband would really enjoy.

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